Monday, June 20, 2011

Tier 3 Total War 4500 pts aside!!!!

Soviet Armour being feed to the FSJ Pioneer Machine!

Last Friday we had the chance to play Tier 3's Total War of the Table Top Tacticians escalation league.  This game had 4500 pts on both sides and pitted the Axis played by Ca$h(Panzer Grenadiers), Pripyat (FSJ Pioneers) and I (Big Willie's Panzer Kompaine) against the Allies played by Matt Varnish (Brits Infantry), Lothlann (Soviet Armoured Kompany) and Joyous Oblivion (US Armoured Company).  Each player played a 1500 pt army that combined with the other forces.  I had not had the chance to finish painting everything I wanted to so I ended up taking a very point intensive force with only 2 platoons and priority Stuka bombing air support.  Here are the armies on parade. 


Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Schwere Panzers vs PanzerKompanie in Free for All

Never count a Big Cat out.....

This FNF my old man came out to play.  This was Big Willie Sr's (BWS) first game of FoW but he loves the idea and the history behind the game.  Ca$h from Table Top Tacticians played my PanzerKompaine against BWS' Big Cats.  As this was an intro game they decided to play a free for all with a bunch of the other guys joining us to cheer on the underdog (Ca$h) in this slugfest.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

PanzerKompaine vs 82nd Airborne in Breakthrough

A bad day for the Panzer crews...

Joyous Oblivion came over the other night a we got a chance to get in a game for Tier 3 of the Table Top Tacticians escalation league.  So this was a 1500 pt midwar game played with my limited scenery.  I was running my PanzerKompanie with