Monday, February 28, 2011

World of Tanks

So taking a bit of a break from painting (well still painting but slowly), my brother and I have found a new First Person Shooter entitled "World of Tanks".

Basically instead of being a single guy with a gun, you are now a tank, tank destroyer, artillery gun, light, medium, or heavy tank etc. Its AWESOME. Your crew gains experience, and improves to self repair things like tracks (if you lose a track, you're pretty dead), scouting for arty, get better guns etc. And you gain access to all the FOW tanks, including stuff that was never really in use (like the German super heavy Maus, or several US heavies). And you can drive US, USSR, or German tanks. I guess the brits miss out since between the USSR and USA, you pretty much have all of them.

Check it out. Its in closed Beta right now, and free to download:

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Devil's Party

The Special Service Force or Devil's Brigade has always seemed like a really cool army to play.  I recently purchased the source book "Dogs and Devils" so that I could start building my force.  Ca$h from Druken gamers of Ottawa is starting an escalation league so this gave me a chance to create a new army and play some games against the boys.  Only problem was that the escalation league is Mid-war.  No worries I will use the SSF models and treat them as Royal Marine Commandos allowing me to start a new army and still fit with the era that the league is running in.  Bazoka become PIATs and aside from the helmets vs berets there really isn't a big difference.  I plan on showing WIP and battle reports in the coming league.  So here is what I'm going to be running:

Commando HQ - FV
3 x Commando Companies (1 x Platoon) - FV
1 x Canadian Anti-tank Platoon (4 x 6pdrs) - CT
1 x Canadian Shermans (3 x tanks) - CT
1 x Royal Artillery Battery ( 8 x 25pdrs) - CV

I'm going to start with the HQ, Combat Platoons and Arty and work from there (luckily the Arty is already painted!)