Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Moving to NYC

My wife and I moved to NYC from California.  In preparation for the move, I stored all my 40k stuff in Cali, but took all my unfinished armies with me (and some unpainted 40k Chimeras).  I wanted to record as I opened so I could show any breakages as a warning to others about how to pack things better.  I'll also use this opportunity to show all the projects I'm planning while I'm here.  The goal is no buying new figs until all my existing figs are DONE.  I'm allowed to buy new rulesets but that's it.  Given that Muskets and Tomahawks, a new French Indian War game just came out that looks awesome, we'll have to see how long my resolution holds out...

So all my boxes look like this.  I had 2 small boxes and 1 medium box.  No boxes came crushed as I had packed them fairly tightly, and much of the internal packaging was able to hold the box integrity pretty well.  Score 1:0

I had a few loose Flames of War foam containers because I couldn't fit them all in the actual bag (might buy another bag).  I bought the bag so that I could transport my figures both across the country but also if I find a wargaming group here, I want to be able to take them on the subway easily.

The US Airborne made it pretty well.  Obviously these guys are in the middle stage and one of my goals is to finish them while I'm here.  I'll be buying a new game Fireball Forward and these guys figure heavily in it.  Fireball Forward is a another company level game with some interesting mechanics.  I'll be showing it to the guys come XMas.  That and Force on Force.
A couple of small bases tipped over but nothing broken: Score 2:0

Next up the unpainted support tray.  One grant tank and 3 UCs that didn't fit in the Aussie Div Cav tray are there as well, as are 2 Crusader II CS and 2 Matilda IIs that will be painted with my Aussies..
Nothing broken, even with some loose turrets. I must find a way to secure these.  Perhaps magnets in the bottom, but tanks with a commander in the top tend to be too tall for the trays.  Might just have a tray for turrets by themselves.  Tricky issue.  Score 3:0

The Australian Divisional Cav tray.  Everything fit perfectly, but 1 grant had to be removed.  This tray was actually a Flames of War US Vietnam Rifle Company 1 (VN03FOW-1.5) foam tray that happend to fit things well.  2 Breakages.  Minor.  Tank commanders broke off their from their Crusader IIs, and one door came off. I'm still confused as to how those tank doors are supposed to open, off to the side, or in one large one off the back.  I went with the side.  Score 3:1, Close up of light damage:

Warmachine figs are not very delicate, so they survived really well.  I didn't bother with the pics but these guys'll be fun to finish up and play with too.  Plus my entire force fit inside an Army Transport Platoon.  Great bag that.  Score 4:1

Here's the Flames of War bag with all my Germans:

Medium tank foam.  One breakage here was the Pak38's gun.  Not bad, but still have to figure out the turrets.  Score 4:2

Artillery Foam that I use for my heavy armor and large bases.  Made it very well.  Granted nothing go tipped over (to my knowledge) but I think the packing was quite neat with the Pak40s and the JagdPanthers (gotta finish those).  Score 5:2

German Support tray.  I have no idea which foam tray this is, but the HQs, the new Pak36s, engineers made it aok.  Expected with the infantry. Score 6:2

German Grenadier Foam.  Works really well.  No breakages, but this foam can contain 16 medium infantry bases, 4 MG bases, 6 mortars, all command bases, and 2 light mortars.  Great stuff. Score 7:2.  I'm not sure why I'm keeping score like I'm going to win this things.

Another Large Base foam.  Nervous about the Tiger turrets, but I had to store them off the side because the commander is too tall.

Medium Tank support Foam.  All intact.

The ancients now.  In a plastic box with little foam inserts to keep them from bumping.  No magnets yet.

This was the worst breakage, but still not bad.  I gotta get these guys painted and based so I can FINALLY play my Carthaginians with Impetus or DBA etc.

The Spanish light infantry had a shield broken.  Not bad but...

Oh my poor elephants.  I will need stronger glue or wires or something to secure these guys next time.  Happily the paint wasn't chipped, but still.

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Panzer Pioneers vs Kamfgruppe Piper in Hold the Line

Tiger lurking in the town behind wire and mines!

This game was in preparation for the Nov LW, 1650 tournament which will be held at Perkins Hobby House. If you haven't signed up already you can contact Gary by email or phone to do so, details are here. Or visit the Petawawa Miniature Soldiers forum. I played against Luggs and we decided to roll for the mission, which ended up Hold the Line. As I'm playing Mech infantry vs Tanks I would be defending.

Panzer Pioneers
  • OC and 2IC with Fausts
  • Full Platoon Pioneers with Faust and PSV
  • Full Platoon Pioneers with Knackers and PSV
  • 4 x Marder IIIMs
  • 3 x Nebs with PaK 38
  • 3 x Panzer IIs
  • 2 x Tiger IEs
Kampfguppe Piper
  • Piper in Panther
  • OC and 2IC in Panzer IV Js
  • 4 x Panzer IV Js
  • King Tiger
  • 3 x Pumas
  • 3 x AA trucks
  • Half track Cannon platoon
  • 4 x 10.5cm guns

Friday, August 3, 2012

German Pioneers vs StuG Battery in Pincer!

Pioneers dug in like Alabama ticks!

This was a 1650 pt LW game to help get ready for the Battle Cry tournament this Nov in Petawawa at Perkins Hobby House. We decided to play a mission that neither of us had played and decided on Pincer. I was playing the Mech infantry and as such was the defender.

158th Panzer Pioneers
  • HQ and 2IC with faust
  • Full platoon with supply veh
  • Full platoon with supply veh
  • 2 x Tiger IEs
  • 3 x Nebs with PaK 38
  • 3 x Panzer IIs
  • 4 x Marder III Hs
StuG Battery
  • HQ
  • 3 x StuGs
  • 3 x StuGs
  • 3 x Hornizzes
  • 4 x 15.5 cm guns
  • Intantry platoon
  • 3 x AA guns