Thursday, March 17, 2016

US Armored Rifles vs German Panzer Grenadiers in Dust Up

Look to the skies!

The final game of the 1710 MW tournament at Animaritime was against StormTrooper Nick. He was running a East Front German Panzer Grenadier list that is very similar to the German Pioneer list I enjoy playing. As we were both playing Mech lists we rolled to see who would be attacking and he won, putting me on the defence.

Big Willie's US Armored Rifles
OC and 2IC
ARP with 4 'zooks
ARP with 3 'zooks
3x Priests
4 x Shermans
4 x Stuarts
Armored Recce
Limited Air

StormTrooper Nick's Germans
OC and 2IC
Mech Pl
Mech Pl
3 x Panzers II Luchs
2 x Panthers
2 x 3.5cm SP AA guns
Limited Air

Set Up

Objectives are bottom centre and middle ground and by the 4 way stop and between the houses in the far ground

Thursday, March 10, 2016

How to paint Team Yankee Desert USMC tanks and AFV

USMC reinforcements!

I've discovered that if I don't make a blog post about how I painted something that when I try to paint new units I can't remember how to do it. So here is a lesson on how to paint tan USMC tanks and AFV. I used Vallejo colours for everything as I really like working with their paint bottles. Shout out to Stormtrooper Nick's mad skills with making decals, bonus points to anyone that can tell me all the tank names.

Saturday, March 5, 2016

USMC Tank Combat team vs Russian BMP Battalion in Encounter

USMC holds its ground!

Nick and I finally got to play a game of Team Yankee. I really enjoyed it but have to brush up a little more on the rules and play it as a different game than Flames of War. I was running US tanks and Nick was playing a BMP Battalion. We rolled  up Encounter and got under way. If you're looking at my force and wondering what the deal is with it, I was going for a Gulf War I, Desert Storm USMC force that I could use for  both Team Yankee and Fate of a Nation. I'm really happy with the way they turned out.

Big Willie's combat team
OC and 2IC tanks
4 x M60s (representing M1s)
3 x M60s (representing M1s)
2 x TOW
2 x TOW (I should have had these, Oops)
4 x VADs
3 x Mortars
2 x Cobras
2 x A10s
Small Infantry platoon

Nick's Battalion
OC in BMP 2
10 x BMP 2
4 x BMP 1 Recce
10 x BMP 1 platoons
10 x T72s
4 x Hinds
2 x Frogfoots

Set Up

Objectives are in the field top and bottom left, on the curve in the highway top and in the mosque compound far right

Thursday, March 3, 2016

Team Yankee USMC!

Hi everyone, I've been working away at updating my USMC for Moderns and the new Battlefront Team Yankee is a perfect fit! I'm trying to do a USMC from Desert Storm so close enough that it will seamlessly fit into the world of Team Yankee. The HMMVEs are M113s, the Harriers are A10s and the M60s are M1s. It is a almost seamless transfer. I will have a post on how I painted my tanks and aircraft up shortly. For now here are some pictures of the Combat team I have finished (less decals and varnish).

 Group Shot with tanks, TOW, aircraft and some infantry