Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Holiday Gaming at Greedo's!

Just before Christmas Greedo and I had the chance to play a couple of games with our Dad's and my Friend Ben.  We played FoW, Force on Force and Axis and Allies.  I'm not going to do a battle report for any of them but here are the pictures.  All games ended with time being called more than anything else.   Ben and I had a great talk about how to make next years even better.

Flames of War.  Germans were Grenadiers from Grey Wolf and Allies were British from Turning Tide (50th Tyne and Tees).  We didn't have enough scenery for the size of the table, but oh well.

Germans would have likely won but the game had gone on long enough and it was time for a change.

Force on Force: Marines are USMC and the Imperial Guard are Insurgents.  Special weapons are support weapons with Sgts being leaders and Orgyns are RPGs.

 Marines cut down insurgents like that was no tomorrow.  This was a hard game to get the feel for initially but has a load of potential.  Once I get better playing the insurgents I think it would be more fun.  We called this one because it was getting late and we still had another game to play.

Finally was Axis and Allies, I tried to take pictures after something major had happened but may have missed some.

Japan played by Ben had managed to destroy both the British and American surface fleets including threatening the shores of Californian.  Germany and Russia were duking it out someting feierce.  In the end we had to call the game as Ben and I still had a 3 hr drive back to Pet (as it was we got in at almost 3 in the morning).

Special thanks to Greedo Sr who hosted all this in his basement and to Greedo for all the great company and food.  I can't wait until next years!