Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Commandos vs Italian Compagnia Carri in Cauldron!

What no Commando player wants to see.....

I was able to get into Perkins Hobby House for what will likely be my last game of FoW in 2011. My friend T2B was around with his 1500 pts of MW Italians and we rolled up Cauldron. I haven't played it in a very long time so it sounded like a good mission where I would be defending. I chose my Shermans for immediate ambush, Commandos and 6 pdrs to be on the board with the other 2 Commando platoons and mortars to be in delayed reserves. T2B tooks his Arty, Lancias and 75/18s which all deployed in one table quarter (damn rolls of 5!)

  • HQ with 2 Piats
  • Commando Platoon
  • Commando Platoon
  • Commando Platoon
  • Commando Mortars with 2 tubes
  • 4 x 6 Pdr Portees
  • 3 x Sherman III
  • Sporadic Hurricane support
Compangnia Carri
  • HQ tank
  • 5 x Carri (CV)
  • 5 x Carri (CT)
  • 5 x (SP) 75/18 (CV)
  • 3 x 16/40 (CV)
  • 4 x 100/17 guns
  • 2 x Lancia da 90/53

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Commandos vs Brit Infantry in Free for All

Undaunted the Commado's advance!

With Skirmish 2012 fast approaching and the 1500 LW tournament with it, there are a lot of guys gearing up for it and trying different army lists. I won't be playing in it but wanted to help the guys get ready and wanted to try a new force out. So my Brits became Commando's (at least until I get my other ones painted). We played at Perkins Hobby House and went with Free for All as you will normally play it at least once in a tournament. Louie was rocking his Brits from the Hell's Hwy pdf.

  • HQ with 2 piats
  • Commando platoon 1 section
  • Commando platoon 1 section
  • Commando mortar platoon 2 tubes
  • Independent Armoured platoon (3 Shermans and a Firefly)
  • 4 x Achilles
  • 50th TT Infantry platoon
  • Naval gun fire
  • HQ
  • Infantry platoon
  • Infantry platoon
  • 2 x Achilles
  • 2 x Shermans, 2 x Firefly
  • 8 gun Sexton battery
  • Humber scout car platoon
  • AOP

Monday, December 12, 2011

Commando/Rifle reinforcements!

 A ton (well not really) of Brit Infantry to paint!

After the last tournament I decided that I wanted to try and do a good job painting my infantry.  I've been thinking about doing Commando's and Perkins Hobby House has a lot of reference books in which all the Commando's look almost identical to the normal British troops.  So here is a complete infantry company with enough pieces to also be used as a Commando company.  I have tried to have at least one model with a beret on each stand so that it is very noticable that they are Commando's if I go that way.  I really like this because it gives me multiple options of how to play them (Commando's or non-desert British forces that can be used in either MW or LW (I think EW would be a stretch but I do have a bunch of boys anti-tank rifles also).  I'm going to be mounting all of these models using the battlefront urban basing kit which I will feature in another post.  I think I will likely try and follow the painting guide done by Crac des Chevaliers

Commando OIC
 Commando/Rifle Platoon Commanders

 Commando/Rifle Support weapons

 More support weapons

Commando SMG team

I'm hoping to get these guys primed either tonight or tomorrow and start working on bases coats in the coming week.  Christmas is almost here and that will definitely have an impact on just how much I can get done (not sure if that will increase given the time off work, most likely decrease).  I'm hoping to get to Perkins this Tuesday for another game so if I do there should be another battle report up shortly there after.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Tyne and Tees vs Canadian 4th Armoured in Free for All!

Smoking fields of Shermans

I got the chance to get over to Perkins Hobby House this weekend to get a game in. Wild Bill is a new addition to the crowd at Perkins and he's just getting into the game, so we decieded to play Free for all. I think that given some more practice, Wild Bill is going to be a real threat on the Hobby House battlefields.

Tyne and Tees
  • HQ
  • Full Infantry Platoon
  • Under strength Infantry Platoon
  • 2 x 6 pdr anti-tank guns with UC transport
  • 3 x UCs with Piat and extra hull MG
  • 4 x Achilles
  • 3 x Crocs
  • 4 x Priests with OP Sherman
  • AOP
Canadian 4th Armoured Div
  • HQ Shermans with recovery vehicle and AA Crusader
  • Sherman Platoon with Firefly
  • Sherman Platoon with Firefly
  • Sherman Platoon with Firefly
  • 4 x Sextons with OP Sherman
  • Motor Rifle Platoon
  • 2 x Achilles

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Reference Pictures part 2

Here are some more of the pictures that I was able to take at the Museum or in front of 2 Royal Canadian Horse Artillery in Petawawa.  If I have something mislabeled let me know so I can sort it out.

C-47 used for the airborne insertions on D-1.

Friday, November 25, 2011

Tyne and Tees vs Brits in Breakthrough (round 3)

Crocs lined up ready to engage the 5.5"

The final round was against Louie's Brits in Breakthrough. I ended up winning the roll to attack/defend so Louie set up ready to hold me off for 6 turns. Louie and I had played this mission a couple of times when were were getting ready for the tournament so I felt I had a pretty good understanding of what I needed to do. I was getting pretty tired by the end so I'm afraid that I didn't take as many pictures as I would have liked. I deployed everything but the Infantry who conducted the flank march.

Tyne and Tees
  • HQ
  • Infantry Platoon (full)
  • Infantry Platoon (2 sections)
  • UCs with Piat and one extra hull MG
  • 2 x 6 pdr anti-tank guns
  • 4 x Achilles
  • 3 x Crocs
  • HQ
  • Infantry Platoon (2 sections)
  • Infantry Platoon (2 sections)
  • 4 x Sherman Tanks (2 Fireflys)
  • 4 x 25 pdrs
  • 4 x 5.5" guns
  • 3 x Humbers

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Tyne and Tees vs Panzer Lehr in Encounter (round 2)

 Crocs roast some Grenadiers!

This was round 2 of Battle Cry in Petawawa hosted by Perkins hobby house. I was playing against Clockwerks77 from Table Top Tacticians and knew it was going to be a supper fun game as we always have a blast.  I'm trying out the WWPD batrepper, I really enjoyed using it, hope you enjoy!

Tyne and Tees
  • HQ
  • Platoon 1 Infantry
  • Platoon 2 2 section stong infantry
  • Platoon 3 2 x 6 pdrs
  • Platoon 4 4 x Achilles
  • Platoon 5 3 x Crocs
  • Platoon 6 4 x Preists
  • Platoon 7 3 x UCs with Piat and one extra hull MG
  • AOP
Lehr Grenadiers
  • HQ
  • Platoon 1 Lehr Grenadiers
  • Platoon 2 Lehr Grenadiers
  • Platoon 3 3 x PaK 40s
  • Platoon 4 4 x Heavy Mortars
  • Platoon 5 4 x Panzer IVG's
  • Platoon 6 3 x Pumas

Tyne and Tees vs German Pioneers in Free for All (round 1)

German air power flexes it's muscle!

The tournament organizer (Bob M) was really on the ball.  He has sent out an very detailed and easy to understand marking guide along with how the missions were going to be decided.  Basically there were 6 different ones thrown into a hat and 3 were chosen.  We ended up pulling Free for All, Encounter and Breakthrough.  My first game was against Ca$h from The Table Top Tacticians.  He was running German Pioneers and his list looked something like this:

2 x Full Pioneers
3 x Nebs with PaK 40
4 x Brumbars
2 x Tiger Ies
Limited Stukas with bombs

I was playing with
1 Full Infantry Platoon
1 Under strength Infantry Platoon
UCs with Piat
2 x 6 Pdrs with UCs
4 x Achilles
3 x Crocs
4 x Priests with AOP

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Battle Cry at Perkins Hobby House

This Sunday I got to play in Battle Cry run by Perkins Hobby House in Petawawa.  It was an outstanding event that was awesome bang for the buck and a load of fun.  Here is a bunch of pictures of armies that played and I have 3 AARs that I will be working on and hopefully have up shortly.  I was very lucky in a couple of the games and ended up tying for best General.  The host (Gary Perkins) broke the tie by giving us both the full prize support, talk about awesome!

 My Tyne and Tees (I think I'm going to actually bite the bullet and paint the right marking on, Matt Varnish has done his whole army and they look outstanding)

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Reference Photos galore!

After the Remembrance Day ceremonies we went up on base and I took some pictures of the different pieces on the base.  They aren't all WWII there is a bunch of Canadian equipment that was used after the war.  Everything wasn't labelled so sometimes this will be my best guess.  Hope you enjoy!

Brit 6 pdr from the front

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Brit Infantry vs Tyne and Tees in Breakthrough!

The tanks call Arty in danger close as they try to take each other out!

This Wednesday night I was able to get a game in against Louie.   We were playing in preparation for Battle Cry a 1500 pts late war tournament that will be held at Perkins Hobby House.  There are several missions that it could be so Louie and I decided to play Breakthrough.  My list looked like this:

2 x Rifle platoons
2 x 6 pdrs
4 x Mortars
UC platoon with Piat and 2 x .50 Cals
2 x Achilles
3 x Crocs
8 x 25 pdrs

Louie's list
2 x Rifle platoons
Sherman platoon (2 x Fireflys)
4 x 25 pdrs
4 x 5.5" guns
Humbar platoon

Friday, November 11, 2011

Lest we forget....

I just wanted to say thank you to all the Men and Women in uniform that have served their country over the years and paid the ultimate price for our freedom.  Their sacrifice will never be forgotten and I am eternally grateful.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Crocodiles and Mortars!

In getting ready for the recent tournaments going on in Ottawa and Petawawa, I've been trying out different platoons to find out what works well and what doesn't.  This is a couple of pictures of the Crocodiles and Mortars that I've been working on.  After looking at how WWPD showcase their work I wanted to do the same.  I used the same method that Battlefront teaches in their "how to paint a Churchill" tutorial and then outlined the tank.  I found it was quick, easy and looks great.  Here are the two platoons.

Crocs advancing along the road

A closer look at the Crocs
Mortar platoon in a plowed field

Mortar platoon commander and observers

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Tank Man part 3!

This is the final installment of the Tank Man pictures (for now).  If you haven't gone to his site I recommend it, he's got some fantastic stuff up there.  Coming soon, the Brit Mortar platoon is finished and I need to paint the Achilles crews.

Panzer III (M, I think)

Panzer Lehr Soldier

White Scout Car

Marmon Herrington Armoured Car

 Steyr Command Car

Monday, November 7, 2011

Tank Man part 2!

There were just so many cool pictures on the Tank man site I just couldn't help but pull some more off to share.  I have 4 more here and another post of 4 coming for everyone.  Hopefully, I'll get up to the museum in Petawawa and take some pictures of the displays they have.
Daimler Dingo Scout Car

Sturmgeschutz III

LRDG mount
Staghound and US halftrack

Friday, November 4, 2011

Tank Man!

Matt Varnish from the Table Top Tacticians is very big on creating a historically accurate force and he is taking his Brits from the Desert up into Italy for Late war, so he asked about markings.  One of the other guys Rob gave us this website Tank Man.  Take a look at his pictures, I've only grabbed a few WWII ones to share.

Achilles (M10 with 17 pdr gun) used by the Brits
 Jeep used by the LRDP and SAS during the war in the desert

M18 Tank Destroyer!


I'm working on some mortars for my Brits in order to get ready for Battle Cry in Petawawa later this month.  I should have them done in the next couple of days and will post pictures.  Hopefully I'll get a couple more games in before the tournament.  If so I'll try and make AARs from them.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

To Humbar or not to Humbar

The Humbar IV armoured car

With my latest army list I had a couple extra points that I couldn't spend on anything but a piat and a couple of .50 Cals for my universal carrier Recce platoon.  This brought the price up to 115 pts.  Which is also the cost for a platoon of Humbar IV armoured cars.  I'm not sure if I want to make the switch as tracked vehicles are awesome all the time, but wheels can be better (but only on roads).  The guns on the Humbar are better (37mm cannon, same as Stuart tanks).   I'm open to suggestions, perhaps I'll have to play test with them a little and see what I like better.

MkI Carrier of the Hastings & Prince Edward Regiment (1CID) carries a section of infantry at Nissoria, Italy, Jul43

Monday, October 31, 2011

D-Day to Victory

Overview of the different sections of the site.

A friend of mine introduced this website to me.  His friend's company worked on it and they drew inspiration from FoW and The Table Top Tacticians (my gaming group when I lived in Ottawa).  This website is awesome and humbling.  I recommend that everyone take a look at it, I`m working my way through the veterans stories.

D-day to Victory

There are more screen captures in the full article.

Friday, October 28, 2011

Brits vs Tyne and Tees in Hold the Line!

 Tyne and Tees hold firm against the counter attacking Brits!

I've had these photo's on my phone for a while and finally was able to pull them off.  This was played to help us get ready for the OMG tournament so it's a little out of order with the other AARs.  Both of us were playing Infantry lists and were concerned with having to be the attacker.  We had played a game the week before there I was the defender for Hasty Assault and was able to pull out a narrow 4-3 win.  So this game I would be attacking Louie's Brits dug in Brits.  He was rocking something like this:

2 x Rifle platoon
Sherman platoon with 2 x Firefly's
4 x Achilles
4 x 25 pdrs
4 x 5.5" guns

I was playing with something like this:
2 x Rifle Platoons with 2 sections
2 x 6 pdrs with carrier transport
3 x UC Recce
2 x M10's with 17 pdr
2 x 17 pdr anti-tank guns
3 x Crocodiles
8 x 25 pdrs battery
1 x AOP

After doing some reading I decided that I would try the Brit special rule, "Night Fight".  So this was my first experience with night fighting and it was interesting.  I can see how this could be a huge double edge sword.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Panzer Lehr Grenadiers vs Tyne and Tees in Hasty Assault (Round 3)

Fear the wrath of the Crocs!!!!

The final game was against Clockwerks and his sweet Panzer Lehr Grenadiers.  His list looked something like this:

HQ with Schrek
2 x Panzergrenadier Lehr Platoon (6 stands with 3 tank hunter teams, half tracks and a 3.7 cm anti-tank gun)
Heavy Mortar Platoon
Anti-tank platoon (3 x PaK 40s)
4 x Panzer IV H
3 x Pumas

We were playing the Hasty Assault which meant that I would be defending.  I deployed my Battery, Anti-tank guns, and Recce on the table and held my Achilles in immediate ambush.  Clockwerks deployed a Grenadier platoon, the Pumas and the Panzer IV H's.  This game was loads of fun with us laughing a lot at some of the silliness that happend.  Great game and loads of fun, I can't wait to have another game aginst him.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

King Tigers vs Tyne and Tees in Domination! (Round 2)

Clever Hans, eh??

Round 2 I was pitted against Matt Varnish from Table Top Tacticians whom I've been gaming with for years.  He surprise everyone by rocking up to the event with a KING TIGER LIST!!!!  He had something like this:

HQ King Tiger with BergPanther recovery vehicle
2 x King Tiger (1 per platoon)
3 x Panzerwerfers with extra crew
Pioneer platoon

So a small but crazy lethal list, and like all of Matt Varnishes stuff they looked awesome.  We played Domination (again you can find it at the WWPD downloads page) and it was the first time that either of us had played this mission.  I have to admit I was really intimidated by the King Tiger and I think that made me forget some basics which in turn hurt me.  The game hung on a knife edge for the last 3 or 4 turns with massive amounts of importance on single die rolls.  Here's how it went....

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

FSJ Pionners vs Tyne and Tees in Dust Up (Round 1)

An AOP calls in the steel rain on Germans in the woods!

This weekend was the OMG's late war Flames of War tournament held at their normal club location.  It is also a Soccer teams club house and I thought it was an awesome venue.  The tournament organizers had pizza and pop as part of the entrance fee and had water and pop on site for purchase (very cool!).  The tables looked great but I would have prefered more terrain as tanks really had massive lanes for fire.  The tournament was 1500 points and we played 3 games each one allocated 3 hrs to play.  This was a little to much time in my opinion, I would have like 2 hr games because we are done earlier and it forces players to push the action.  I ran the Tyne and Tees (50th) from the Turning Tides book and this is how my army looked:

2 x Rifle Platoons with 2 sections
2 x 6 pdrs with carrier transport
3 x UC Recce
2 x 5-ton transports
4 x M10's with 17 pdr
3 x Crocodiles
8 x 25 pdrs battery
1 x AOP

My first game was against Dean, who was running a Fallshimjager Pioneer list that had

2 x Full strength Pioneer platoons with flame throwers
3 x StuG IIIs
2 x Nashorns
4 x Nebs with PaK 40 and trucks

We played Dust up (created by the I95 guys) and it was my first time playing it.  Take a look at the link to WWPD's downloads so you can see the mission brief.  I really enjoyed it even though it pushed me outside my comfort zone.  I deployed my guns, Crocs, UC's and an Infantry platoon with the rest held in reserve.  Dean deployed a Platoon of Pioneers and the StuGs.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

OMG FoW Tournament Armies

Hey All,

I got to play in the Ottawa Miniature Gamers Flames of War tournament this past weekend and had a blast.  I'm working on AARs for the 3 games and they should be up shortly.  It was a 1500 pt midwar tournament.  Here are what some of the armies looked like.

Pripyat's Soviet Tanks!

Ca$h's Pioneers

Clockwerks Lehr Panzer Grenadiers

Louie's Brits

Chris' Panzers

Bob's Brit Armour (check out the field hospital)

Close up of the hospital (Bob won best army but then didn't win best painted?)

Matt Varnish's King Tiger list (OMG!!!!!!)

Sturm Kompaine

I will hopefully get the AARs up in the next couple of days.