Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Commandos vs Italian Compagnia Carri in Cauldron!

What no Commando player wants to see.....

I was able to get into Perkins Hobby House for what will likely be my last game of FoW in 2011. My friend T2B was around with his 1500 pts of MW Italians and we rolled up Cauldron. I haven't played it in a very long time so it sounded like a good mission where I would be defending. I chose my Shermans for immediate ambush, Commandos and 6 pdrs to be on the board with the other 2 Commando platoons and mortars to be in delayed reserves. T2B tooks his Arty, Lancias and 75/18s which all deployed in one table quarter (damn rolls of 5!)

  • HQ with 2 Piats
  • Commando Platoon
  • Commando Platoon
  • Commando Platoon
  • Commando Mortars with 2 tubes
  • 4 x 6 Pdr Portees
  • 3 x Sherman III
  • Sporadic Hurricane support
Compangnia Carri
  • HQ tank
  • 5 x Carri (CV)
  • 5 x Carri (CT)
  • 5 x (SP) 75/18 (CV)
  • 3 x 16/40 (CV)
  • 4 x 100/17 guns
  • 2 x Lancia da 90/53

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Commandos vs Brit Infantry in Free for All

Undaunted the Commado's advance!

With Skirmish 2012 fast approaching and the 1500 LW tournament with it, there are a lot of guys gearing up for it and trying different army lists. I won't be playing in it but wanted to help the guys get ready and wanted to try a new force out. So my Brits became Commando's (at least until I get my other ones painted). We played at Perkins Hobby House and went with Free for All as you will normally play it at least once in a tournament. Louie was rocking his Brits from the Hell's Hwy pdf.

  • HQ with 2 piats
  • Commando platoon 1 section
  • Commando platoon 1 section
  • Commando mortar platoon 2 tubes
  • Independent Armoured platoon (3 Shermans and a Firefly)
  • 4 x Achilles
  • 50th TT Infantry platoon
  • Naval gun fire
  • HQ
  • Infantry platoon
  • Infantry platoon
  • 2 x Achilles
  • 2 x Shermans, 2 x Firefly
  • 8 gun Sexton battery
  • Humber scout car platoon
  • AOP

Monday, December 12, 2011

Commando/Rifle reinforcements!

 A ton (well not really) of Brit Infantry to paint!

After the last tournament I decided that I wanted to try and do a good job painting my infantry.  I've been thinking about doing Commando's and Perkins Hobby House has a lot of reference books in which all the Commando's look almost identical to the normal British troops.  So here is a complete infantry company with enough pieces to also be used as a Commando company.  I have tried to have at least one model with a beret on each stand so that it is very noticable that they are Commando's if I go that way.  I really like this because it gives me multiple options of how to play them (Commando's or non-desert British forces that can be used in either MW or LW (I think EW would be a stretch but I do have a bunch of boys anti-tank rifles also).  I'm going to be mounting all of these models using the battlefront urban basing kit which I will feature in another post.  I think I will likely try and follow the painting guide done by Crac des Chevaliers

Commando OIC
 Commando/Rifle Platoon Commanders

 Commando/Rifle Support weapons

 More support weapons

Commando SMG team

I'm hoping to get these guys primed either tonight or tomorrow and start working on bases coats in the coming week.  Christmas is almost here and that will definitely have an impact on just how much I can get done (not sure if that will increase given the time off work, most likely decrease).  I'm hoping to get to Perkins this Tuesday for another game so if I do there should be another battle report up shortly there after.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Tyne and Tees vs Canadian 4th Armoured in Free for All!

Smoking fields of Shermans

I got the chance to get over to Perkins Hobby House this weekend to get a game in. Wild Bill is a new addition to the crowd at Perkins and he's just getting into the game, so we decieded to play Free for all. I think that given some more practice, Wild Bill is going to be a real threat on the Hobby House battlefields.

Tyne and Tees
  • HQ
  • Full Infantry Platoon
  • Under strength Infantry Platoon
  • 2 x 6 pdr anti-tank guns with UC transport
  • 3 x UCs with Piat and extra hull MG
  • 4 x Achilles
  • 3 x Crocs
  • 4 x Priests with OP Sherman
  • AOP
Canadian 4th Armoured Div
  • HQ Shermans with recovery vehicle and AA Crusader
  • Sherman Platoon with Firefly
  • Sherman Platoon with Firefly
  • Sherman Platoon with Firefly
  • 4 x Sextons with OP Sherman
  • Motor Rifle Platoon
  • 2 x Achilles