Saturday, March 22, 2014

Cold war!

With my basement renovations nearing completion I'm finally getting the chance to get back into doing some hobby stuff.  The guys from the Dice Devils showed me an amazing blog called Stopping the Red Tide.  It's run by Mwnciboo and he and his team have developed a rule set based on Flames of War and Tropic Lightning for the Cold War.  He has rules, and source books for US, NATO, Independents and USSR.  I'm totally digging it and have gone into my modern collection and have a functional USMC army.  I'm really looking forward to playing a game with RKelly or Matt Varnish.

With the Battlefront sale on Vietnam which is 40% off until the end of March, I've ordered 2 Huey Cobras and 6 x M60s.  I'm looking at getting some M113s, M109s and parts I need for a Chinook project that I'm planning on.  With this and soon to be purchased M1 Abrahams, I will be able to field almost every list the US has.  I can't wait to try it out both in Europe and in the Middle East (think Iraqi in the first Gulf War).