Sunday, September 13, 2015

US Armored Rifles vs German Tigers in No Retreat

"Looking for a safe place to park your tank? Behind me 'cause the bastards aren't going any further"

The other weekend there was a 1710 FoW MW tournament at Animaritime. I got a whole new army painted so I was running US Armored Rifles. My first opponent was Ryan who was running a Tiger   Company so I was going to have my work cut out for me. I chose to deploy the two ARPs the Priests and then ambushing with the Shermans.

Big Willie's Armored Rifles
OC and 2IC
ARP with 4 'zooks
ARP with 3 'zooks
3 x Priests
3 x Armored Mortars
4 x Shermans
4 x Stuarts
Armored Recce PPl
Recce Pl
Limited P-38s

Ryan's Tigers
OC in Tiger
Grenadier Pl
Motocycle Recce Pl
2 x SP AA guns
3 x Nebs

Set Up
Objectives are on the hill other side of the road and behind the woods this is of the road