Saturday, June 29, 2019

German Grenadiers vs US Light tanks in Dust Up

US tanks and Observer ready to take the fight to Jerry!

Lords of War in Oakville held their last MW 109 pts FoW tournament the other weekend. I decided to play my Ghost Panzer Grenadiers and see how they continue to stack up. My first game was against Dennis and his Americans from Fighting First.

Big Willie's Germans
OC with 2IC
Infantry platoon
Infantry platoon
HMG platoon
3 x SP 2cm AA trucks
3 x PaK 40s
3 x Marder III
2 x 10.5cm guns
2 x 8-Rads
Tiger I
looted KV

Dennis' Americans
OC and 2IC in Lees
5 x Lees
5 x Stuarts
Full Armoured Recce platoon
Full Armoured Recce platoon
Full Armoured Rifles platoon
3 x Armoured Mortars
3 x T19 SP guns
3 x M10s
4 x Brit 6-pdr AT guns

Set Up
Objectives are in front of the 10.5cm guns and in the woods and just above the house/church and in the woods at the top of the picture

Friday, June 28, 2019

Aquino Weekend 2019 at Ontario Regiment Museum

The USMC M60 "Gumpy" from the Gulf War

I had the opportunity to attend Aquino weekend 2019 at the Ontario Regiment in Oshawa. It was a fantastic time and I took a bunch of pictures for people to be able to reference. The coolest part about these tanks and the museum is the partnership they have with World of Tanks. A lot of the vehicles and sounds from the museum have made their way into World of Tanks on the PC. See if you can spot any of your favourite tanks in the pictures. Enjoy!

 A StuG III and Panzer III M