Wednesday, July 31, 2013

US Paras vs British Guard Infantry in Encounter

Howard Stark shows off his mad pilot skills taking out a whole platoon literally single handedly!

Game 1 of the LW Nationals was against Joses.  He was running British Guards and I was running US Paratroopers.  The total was 1780 pts and the first mission was Encounter.  My list consisted of 2 Paratrooper platoons, an MG platoon, Cav Recon, Shermans, 2 x M18s and 3 x 105mm.  I attached my MGs out and deployed both Para platoons and the Tank destroy platoon.

Set Up
Objectives are in the field top left, in the cross roads front and centre, near the woods top right and in the woods top centre

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Armies from LW Nationals

Here are some of the armies that were used for the LW Nationals.  I know some of the owners but only an handful.  There were a ton of other armies that I didn't get a chance to take pictures of.  The quality of painting was outstanding!

My US Paras

US Paras vs German Grenadiers in Free-for-All

The Infantry just before the assault....

Game 6 of LW Nationals was still at 1780 pts.  I was running my US Paras with 2 full platoons, machine guns, Shermans, 2 x M18s, Cav Recon and 3 x Glider 105mms.  My opponent was Jerry and he is the best sportsman that I have ever played against in any game system.  He was smiling and up beat, helpful all the time and really made my weekend.  Apparently he owns a game store in Indianapolis, which I will be visiting and supporting any chance I get.

Set Up 

 Objectives are on the hill and south of the town and north of the town and in the field at the top of the board

US Paras vs Panzerspah in Pincer

Too good to be true?

It is that was taken before the first Recce move of the game.  Game 3  of the LW Nationals was 1780 pts and I played against Paul.  He was running German armoured Recce supported by tank hunters and Panzer IVs.  I was running the Avenger's Initiative with 2 full Para platoons, Para Machine guns, Shermans, 2 x M18s, Cav Recce and some Glider 105mms.  I was automatically the defender and combat attached the machine guns out and deployed the two big platoons and held the Shermans in ambush.  Paul was an excellent sport but his dice betrayed him and wouldn't let him buy a hit or save.

Set Up
 Objectives are behind the wood and on the hill both on the right side of the table

Thursday, July 25, 2013

US Paras and Light Tanks vs Panzer Grenadiers and Infantry

Para troopers don't care you have half-tracks for a mounted assault!

This was game 3 for the I-95 doubles event.  It was encounter so PhantomRescue and I opted to have only my force on the table with his coming in from reserves.  We were playing against Chris and Dom.  Their 2000 pts was spent mostly on Panzer Grenadiers backed up with a Panzer IVs company.  These guys were excellent opponents with Chris and I having our share of bad luck.  We had the chance to hang out with them over the weekend and enjoy some frosty beverages.  I'm looking forward to seeing these guys again the next time we are down that way.

Set Up

US Paras dug in on both objectives supported by the guns, while the other platoon is ready to make a push for the near enemy objective

US Paras and Light Tanks vs Panzer Grenadiers and a StuG Battery

Even fearless paratroopers get unnerved sometimes (snake eyes for tank terror)

The second game of the I-95 Doubles was vs Mitch and John.  They were running a StuG battery and Panzer Pioneers.  The mission was Free-for-all at 2000 pts a side.  These guys were great to play against and I traded contact info with Mitch.  Turns out he's a Rugby player and a currently serving member of the US military, so we had tons to talk about.

Heavy Bocage to fight through

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

US Paras and Light Tanks vs German Infantry

My US Paras get their first kill ever and it's a Big Cat!

The Thursday of Historicon was the I-95 doubles event.  It was LW 1000 pts a player that you could swing 100 pts if you wanted.  I was playing US Paras with 2 x M18s and 3 x M3 Howitzers supported by limited P-47s.  My partner was running a light tank company with Chaffes and Cav Recon.  

The first game of the I-95s doubles tournament was against Jesse and his partner (sorry I forgot the name).  The mission was blind domination.  This was the first time I'd played this mission and while I liked it, I would have liked to have played it a couple times in advance of the tournament.  They were running Grenadiers from Devil's Charge complete with 2 x StrumTigers, a JagdTiger and fake MPs!  I don't have full army lists but here is a picture of what they were running.

Ze Germans!

Historicon 2013 Greedo thoughts

BigWillie has better photos than I do, but I'll throw in a couple (see if you can spot me in his Force on Force picture)..

My first trip to Historicon was awesome.  Didn't sign up for anything, but that didn't seem to matter.  You just show up and say you want to play, and you can.  Quite overwhelming.  So many vendors, games etc.  A madhouse, but by Saturday I was good to go.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Carded at Target!

Historicon was awesome!  I have pictures from all my games but here are some shots from the weekend.  It was awesome meeting all these people that shared a love for gaming.  Mitch, Chris, Ron, Jesse, Jerry and Vic, to name a few, were some great dudes along with the guys from I-95 and the WWPD crew.  A brilliant weekend and I can't wait to come back for the next one.  OVer the course of the weekend I bought some beer at target and was carded.  I guess I look young at heart.