Sunday, March 18, 2018

West German Infantry vs Russian Afghansty in Hasty Attack near Liepzig

German infantry, harder to dig out than an Alabama Tick

Firestorm Stripes! I was finally able to play my first game of the new Team Yankee Campaign being put on by Beast of War, Firestorm Stripes! Because all my Americans are painted to fight in the desert I decided to play my West Germans. Our FLGS, Lords of War, signed up to allow us to play the campaign. The first game of the evening saw the Russian advance roll over the British in Hanover. My first game was against Shawn and his Red Army, we agreed to play 64 points with me defending in the Liepzig sector against a Hasty Attack.

Big Willie's West Germans
OC in Marder
Full Infantry platoon in Marders
Full Infantry platoon in Marders
3 x M109s
2 x Luchs
OC in M113
Full Infantry platoon in M113s
Short Infantry platoon in M113s
3 x Leo1s
2 x Luchs
4 x LARs with mines
4 x Tornados

Shawn's Afghansty Russians
Infantry platoon with support weapons
Infantry platoon with support weapons
2 x Hinds
2 x Hinds
3 x Storms
3 x BM21s
4 x Shilkas
4 x T64s

Set Up
Objectives are top centre where the Hinds are circling (really loitering off board) and bottom centre on the road in front of the woods