Tuesday, April 12, 2016

We're paratroopers Lieutenant. We're supposed to have 3 full platoons.

Finally finished my US Airborne troops (the infantry part). It was the old box of 3 full platoons. 161 figures all told, and it took years because I undercoated them, and the coat turned into that horrible snow like powder. Had to remove it with a toothbrush, and after that I didn't feel like painting them anymore, until now.

Every platoon comes with a tow cart, bazooka, medium mortar, leader team, and 9 fireteams(!)
The HQ comes with the Old man, 2nd IC, 3 bazookas, and 3 snipers, oh and a pathfinder. I started back on them because I got into Fireball Forward (http://fireballforward.com/) which is a great alternative to FOW, and all the book's scenarios use Easy Company.

I will eventually paint the supporting 75mm pack arty, and MGs for these guys but I just can't be buggered painting infantry 15mm for a while, so I'll be doing something like 28mm or tanks or something instead. Will probably finish my Germans or even get going on the snow covered Finns perhaps..

But regardless, here they are, nicely static grassed which is new for me in 15mm. No insignias because that's too small.

Before I forget, the colors I used on all the infantry, here they are. I had to change some colors from the old GW colors half way through. Its a mixture of Vallejo and GW.
(GW changes shown in this table:  

Skin: Base GW Doombull Brown, Highlight GW Tallarn Flesh
Rifle Stock: GW Bestial Brown or Vallejo Chocolate Brown
Uniform: Vallejo US Dark Green
Helmet/Bazookas: Vallejo Olive Grey
Foliage on Helmet: GW Camo Green
Tires and random grey: GW Adeptus Battlegrey
Webbing: Vallejo Green Grey
Ink: GW Devlan Mud, or GW Agrax Earthshade
Base: Base Vallejo Chocolate Brown or GW Bestial Brown, GW Highlight Gorthor Brown, Final Highlight GW Tan