Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Paper Terrain explosion and smoke markers

I'm a big fan of the blog and podcast WWPD and have been following it for a while now. The host Steve told me about a company called and some of the awesome gaming aides they have so I ordered a couple. The two that I'm going to talk about are the paper explosion and smoke markers. They arrived within a week and a half of ordering and the owner had thrown in a bonus building to what I had ordered. You can see from the picture below what they look like out of the envelope.

Instant KaaBOOOMM!

Smoke, Explosion and Scenery all starting in 2D

Here is the smoke before I cut it out. A word of caution it takes a while to cut these out and a self healing cutting mat is a must.

Once cut out and assembled you have 3 full sections of smoke to be used for smoke screens, each one is the size of the artillery template.

Explosion markers come the same as the smoke screen and have to be cut out. This will take even more time than the smoke screen.

Once they are cut out you glue the two halves together and then glue them to a base, I used some pennies I had lying around. As you can see they look great for battle reports and AARs if you are taking still pictures but don't work as well if you are taking video footage and are getting footage of them from the side.

All in all this is a inexpensive way to get some outstanding gaming aides and give your FoW (or any miniature war game) and more dynamic feel. I give them 4/5 thompsons, the only issue is just how long it takes and the edges aren't perforated so you can just punch them out.


  1. I've seen the smokescreens before and I think it looks a bit lame frankly...

    The explosions on the other hand look AWESOME. I need to pick me up some of those. Thanks for starting this man. Should we move older stuff over?

  2. Everything that was on Legio for FoW I'm moving over so you don't need to worry about moving it. I'm still playing with how to organize the info both on this page on on Legio so that it's easier to use and makes more sense. I didn't realize that we've been blogging on Legio for 3 years now and there is over 50 posts a year on it.