Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Devil's Party

The Special Service Force or Devil's Brigade has always seemed like a really cool army to play.  I recently purchased the source book "Dogs and Devils" so that I could start building my force.  Ca$h from Druken gamers of Ottawa is starting an escalation league so this gave me a chance to create a new army and play some games against the boys.  Only problem was that the escalation league is Mid-war.  No worries I will use the SSF models and treat them as Royal Marine Commandos allowing me to start a new army and still fit with the era that the league is running in.  Bazoka become PIATs and aside from the helmets vs berets there really isn't a big difference.  I plan on showing WIP and battle reports in the coming league.  So here is what I'm going to be running:

Commando HQ - FV
3 x Commando Companies (1 x Platoon) - FV
1 x Canadian Anti-tank Platoon (4 x 6pdrs) - CT
1 x Canadian Shermans (3 x tanks) - CT
1 x Royal Artillery Battery ( 8 x 25pdrs) - CV

I'm going to start with the HQ, Combat Platoons and Arty and work from there (luckily the Arty is already painted!)

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