Monday, October 31, 2011

D-Day to Victory

Overview of the different sections of the site.

A friend of mine introduced this website to me.  His friend's company worked on it and they drew inspiration from FoW and The Table Top Tacticians (my gaming group when I lived in Ottawa).  This website is awesome and humbling.  I recommend that everyone take a look at it, I`m working my way through the veterans stories.

D-day to Victory

There are more screen captures in the full article.

In the remembering the Heros section veterans talk about their experience, like the stories that started each Band of Brothers episode.

You can start to see the inspiration from the TTT here.

I have had observers in this very church steeble.

I think we normally use this barn for the Eastern front.

Can't wait to see the new Battlefront book.  Hopefully it isn't all US Paras.

Reminds me of fighting in Brettslavia.

I highly recommend you guys go and check out the site.  I'm trying to tell everyone I know about it.

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