Sunday, November 27, 2011

Reference Pictures part 2

Here are some more of the pictures that I was able to take at the Museum or in front of 2 Royal Canadian Horse Artillery in Petawawa.  If I have something mislabeled let me know so I can sort it out.

C-47 used for the airborne insertions on D-1.

Tail markings on the C-47

Back side of a Ferret scout car

Quad Tractor from the back side

M109 Self Propelled 155mm gun (not WWII vintage but still very cool!)
From the side

105mm with a future gunner? These were mostly used by the US during WWII

Backside of the 105mm

105mm Mountain gun/Airborne Howitzer

105mm Mountain gun/Airborne Howitzer from the back

I believe this is a PaK 40 (Xander is around 4 ft tall)

PaK 40 from the back

Pak 38 (I think)

Pak 38 from the back

German 15 cm gun

15 cm gun from the rear

German 7.5 cm gun (used in WWI and the beginning of WWII)

7.5 cm gun from the rear

25 pdr with Limber and turn table

Back side of 25 pdr and turn table

25 pdr limber

Easy 8 Sherman from the front gate of CFB Petawawa

Hope you enjoyed these, I've got some more from both the museum and another couple of spots around the base.  I've also got the urban base kits and started to paint the Tyne and Tees infantry all correct for my Tournament army.  Hopefully I'll get some WIP shots soon.


  1. Im not convinced that's a Humber, however im not sure what else it could be,Guess im sorta confused 0_o

  2. Also, You've made me realize that our two Sherman are in fact M4A3E8 as opposed to Fireflys, i had always just assumed but their it is plain as day.

  3. You are correct regarding the German AT guns. Its all about their front shielding that gives them away as to which type they are. Xander looks like he was sighting the Pak 40 :) Great pics.

  4. @greedo, I thought that was the case. Glad I'm not out to lunch.

    @Panzer it may not be I was just going off the Hell's Hwy book where LCol Joe rides around in a Humber which looks a lot like that.

    Thanks to RKelly for letting me know the 75mm Airborne Howitzer was really a 105mm Mountain gun which is also used for Airborne insertions. I've corrected it in the post now.

  5. @Panzer your right I just got news from RKelly that it is indeed a Ferret Scout car not a Humber.

  6. That sounds better! We have a running one in our hanger but this one looks a bit different, given the angle of the picture i couldn't be certain, not really far off a Humber though is it.

  7. Awesome photos, esp. the german guns...

  8. @Stefan thanks, when the snow melts I'll try and get some new pictures of the other monuments around the base.