Monday, June 3, 2013

Band of Brothers Vietnam style

This is a new version of the Big Picture featuring the 101st Screaming Eagles in Vietnam.  Pretty cool beginning to the video talking about WWII.  The more I see the work that Steve from WWPD is doing on his choppers the more I get excited about the idea of doing the same thing.  Some very interesting parallels in the counter-insurgency that is described in the video and the current ones that are going on in Iraq and Afghanistan.  It seems from the video that the small units, constantly operating in an area is what ends up being effective.  Around 13:02 you can see how quickly a mortar can fire, I think they fired 5 rounds in less than as many seconds.  Around 15:55 there is a really cool segment on how the 101st guns were helping to relieve a Special Forces fire base that leads to a massive fire fight around 17:20 which is no doubt where a lot of Vietnam moves got their ideas for combat scenes.

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