Monday, January 31, 2011

Surprise, It's the Canucks!

Joyous Oblivion from The Druken gamers of Ottawa came by this weekend and we got to play another game of FoW. This game was 1500 pts of Midwar American Armoured Company against Canadian Armoured Company in a fighting withdrawal. JO won the dice roll to be the attacker since we were both playing Armoured Companies. It's also the first time I've used my iPod touch camera for a battle report so the pictures aren't as good as I would like.

Shermans in Ambush halt the left flank!
JO's US Armoured Company on the Attack:
2 Shermans as CHQ
4 Sherman M4s
5 Stuart M5A1s
1 section of M10 tank destroyers
1 armoured rifle platoon with 2 sections
1 Recon platoon

Big Willie's defending Canadian Armoured Company
2 Shermans as CHQ
2 Sherman Platoon (3 tanks each)
8 Gun Artillery battery
1 Rifle platoon
1 Universal Carrier platoon (3 carriers)

The objectives were in the field bottom left, in the woods, centre left and in the open top left with everything deployed but a Sherman platoon held in ambush.

RCA holding the ammo objective in dug in prepared positions

Shermans and the Rifle platoon guarding the centre objective and ready to respond to the US moves.

US Shermans ready to advance.

US Company araied for a general advance (independent teams hadn't been deployed when the picture was taken).

Stuarts advance to the river and have two tanks destroyed by Canadian Sherman fire.

US Shermans hit the river and lose two tanks to a combination of Artillery and 2IC fire.

US Armoured Rifles advance into the cover of the central hill and woods, supported by Recce.

Canadian Shermans spring their ambush decimating the US anti-tank platoon, and bailing the 2IC.

The 2IC mounts up and moves off trying to put space between him and the Canuck Shermans, while the anti-tank platoon fall back but pass their moral check.

US forces dig into the hill but fail to dig into the woods, the guns of the RCA may have a very juicy target next turn. The Canadian Recce is the first platoon to withdraw, their services are required elsewhere.

The US Shermans continue to advance with the OC only to lose another tank to Canadian Sherman fire.

The US Armoured Rifles in the woods are assaulted by the Shermans and break in the face of the armoured attack.

Remaining US Sherman from the platoon is destroyed and the OC backs off, while the lone Stuart makes a bold move advancing on the RCA.

Firing over iron sights the RCA halt the Stuart with their defensive fire. The US flank is broken and the objective is removed, along with the Infantry platoon that was in the central woods.

By this time 2 of the 3 objectives have been taken off and only the central objective remains held firmly by Canuck Armour. The US starts to loses platoons (was down to single vehicles or a couple stands for most platoons).

US - Recce, Shermans, Stuarts
Canadian - nil (withdrawn - Carriers, Shermans, Infantry)

The game ends on turn 8 with the Canadians successfully withdrawing and a final score of 5 - 0. JO is still learning the game and once he gets a little better with judging when to advance and when to dig in his infantry are going to be much more versatile.


  1. Noticed something we played wrong. Royal Horse Arty batteries (the ones in British Armoured lists) can't use the 'Mike' Ability for their artillery, making them a little less terrifying!

    Not that it it was likely to be a deciding factor here...but good to know for next time!

  2. The Battery is a Field Battery, not Royal horse so we played it right. But I will need to remember that if I ever play with an RCHA battery.

  3. My bad, i thought you were using the british heavy armored list. Didn't notice the Canadian option!