Sunday, February 5, 2012

More reference photo photos!

 No one likes the team killer flame throwing guy, jj

This week we spent the time in Normandy hall which has a bunch of new pictures that are awesome!  The last group of pictures generated a bunch of comments, hopefully this group will too.  Again, if you know what something is and I have labelled it incorrectly, let me know so I can fix it.  Enjoy!

Wasps advance spewing fiery death!

A destroyed staff car?

A destroyed Universal Carrier?

Brit Infantry moving towards the front line.

Landing craft loaded with troops for the beaches.

All beware, flamethower goodness!!!

After the landing, landing craft

Urban fighting

The above text is for the picture above it, I thought this was a really cool find.

POWs helping with the wounded

Later waves hitting the beach

Even in war there is always time to get digits

25 pdr crew in action!

Brit Sharp shooter in action

C-47 flying over the tree tops

Landing craft back at the ships

Ordance captured and rigged to be destroyed

As the beaches open the troops can truely start to flow into Europe


  1. I think the wrecked staff car might be a half track.

    The landing craft photo seems to have troops wearing jump smocks with regular helmets. Commandos? Someone else?

    I used to have a real copy of the Falaise Gap photo. Should have framed it up and kept it.

  2. Nice set of pictures. Its pictures like the last one that show the true scale of the invasion in terms of men and material... once we had a foothold the Germans really didn't stand a chance.