Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Dice Devil's tournament at Game Summit 13

 Dice Devils' LW tournament at Game Summit

The other weekend the Dice Devil's put on an amazing tournament as part of Game Summit.  It was awesome!  It was a 1650 LW with all books allowed.  The tables were great, the venue was and the prize support from FDB was outstanding.  Special thanks to Ca$h from the Dice Devil's for running the event.  Here are some pictures of the tables and armies.  I didn't take as many pictures as normal so I won't be doing normal battle reports from the games but I may do something to report on the games.

 LW Brit force

 My Eastern Front Armoured Pioneers

 Matt Varnishes Free French

 Joyous Oblivion's Americans

 Jay's Germans

 PhantomRescue's American light tanks

 Pripyat's FJ (the ringer)

 Digari's Germans

Tripple's Canadian Staghounds


Serge's Russian tanks


Louis' Americans

Lugg's Gemans

 Edge of German city

 Dutch lowlands

 French Plains

 Italian cross roads

 The airfield

 Desert town

 Eastern Front lowlands

 Edge of burned out city

 Desert plains

 Eastern Front church

 Pine tree grove

 French town

Stay tuned for more tournament details and in game


  1. THanks for posting this, it seems my camera needs some updating. A bunch of my pics didn;t turn out .

  2. Awesome. Thank you for sharing. Some great stuff there.

  3. Looks good. There's a couple of German GPG forces there, always keen to read how these guys do...

  4. Gep and Gep-pio took first and second respectively!

  5. Really nice tables out there, and some great army paintjobs too! Good post man. I'm surprised to see the halftrack Germans. Perhaps the HT reduction in price is now worth it.. Also surprising to see only your army had Nebelwefers in it. I was always under the impression that they were a bargin for what they did. Did version 3 nerf them a bit?

  6. I think that the nebs are a great buy for 3 guns to give smoke when needed. Also they are not bad at digging out dug in troops. I like the HT and the extra MGs that they bring to the table. I've used them to act as a daisy chain for higher command teams or the OC to assist with launching tank assaults.

  7. I would usually go for infantry mortars for smoke, nebs for killing troops (although the extra range is good) I guess I always feel like HTs will just get killed. Interesting idea for the daisy chain.