Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Paths of Glory Battles

 The Panthers growl as they advance on the Stuarts

Army List - Panzer Pioneers 1750 CV
OC and 2IC with Knackers

Full Armoured Pioneers with Knacker
Under strength trucked pioneers
2 x 8 cm mortars, 2 x MG42s

2 x Panthers
4 x Marder IIIs
2 x 8-Rads
2 x 2cm AA (SP)

Here are some action shots of the games.  I ended up going 5-2, 5-2 and 3-1.  The first game was against a Stuart horde played by Charles.  I took more pictures early and then started forgetting to take them.  The first mission was counter attack:

 Germans dug in on the objective

 Time on target, pins the platoon but doesn't do any damage

 US planes swoop in and destroy the 2ICs halftrack

 Marders reveal their ambush and take out 3 Stuarts

 Panther's advance on the other Stuart platoon

 Only to be hit by Arty bailing one.

 The German armour protects them from the repeat bombardment

Charles was a great game and in the end I lost the Panthers to an M10 suicide run.  I ended up voting him as my favourite opponent. 

The second game of the tournament I played against Louis and his Australians.  It was fighting withdrawal but we completely forgot to withdraw any platoons until turn 6 when we suddenly realized that we dropped the ball.  So we decided that he would withdraw one platoon and we would carry on.  That one platoon made all the difference as it dropped him below half and although he passed one company morale he failed the second (had he passed, he would have won the game) second 5-2 win.
 The river was impassable except at the ford and bridges

 Aussie's hold the other side of the river and the town.

 Shermans covering the far bridge

Final game was against Iain and his Italians.  We were playing dust up and we ran out of time (despite playing 7+ turns).  In the end I got lucky with a couple of dice rolls and Iain got a unlucky with some of his.  But we both ran out of time causing both us to lose. So it was a 3-1 for me.

Thanks again to Louis for running the event and to Gary for putting it on for us.  There should be more coverage going up on the Dice Devils and The Petawawa Miniature Soldiers shortly.

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  1. Cool. Great photoss. looks like a great event and good results for you.