Sunday, August 17, 2014

Operation Cobra 14

The hardware!

The CFB Gagetown gaming club hosted their first ever Flames of War tournament the other weekend.  It was a 1650 Late War event with 3 games called Operation Cobra (or Summer Fling according to me).  It was held at one of the local churches out building and was very well run.  Here are some pictures of the armies, I will be doing up battle reports as soon as I can.

Shawn Morris' Germans (they look better in person and I have a bunch of close ups)

 My US 7th Armored Division lead by Blood, Guts and Glory himself

 Russian mixed infantry and tank force

 Tigers on the prowl even in late war

Dave's US Armored Force

Nick's Finns

 Shawn Morris aka The Terrain guys Germans

PaK 40s and 15cm guns 

 More 15cm guns (yikes)

 StuGs and an Me 262

 Even more Pak 40s (yes there are 6 in this platoon alone)

German infantry


  1. Great armys but Shawns one looks AMAZING!

  2. His always does! Glad you got right into it at your new posting!