Friday, February 6, 2015

British 8th Army Infantry vs German Schurtzen in Breakthrough

Guns firing over open sights knock out Panzers!

This weekend was Enbicon 2015 which featured a 1390 EW tournament.  I was playing Brit 8th Army Infantry and my first opponent was Quinton who way playing German Mechanized Infantry. The mission was Breakthrough.

Big Willie's 8th Army
OC and 2IC with sticky bombs
Full infantry platoon with sticky bombs
Full infantry platoon with sticky bombs
Full infantry platoon with sticky bombs
2 x Vickers HMGs
2 x 3" mortars
4 x 2pdr
3 x Bren carriers
4 x 18/25 pdrs
Sporadic Hurricane intercept

Quintons Germans
OC and 2IC with knackers
Full armoured platoon
Half armoured platoon
4 x Panzer II Cs
2 x 10.5cm guns
2 x infantry guns
3 x PaK 36 guns
3 x SP AA

Set Up
Objectives are on top of the hill far left and behind the hedge row near the road

Brits ready to advance and seize the objective

German Infantry behind the hedgerow ready to advance

The thin red line dug in, in front of the guns

2 pdrs, HMGs, Mortars and the final Brit infantry platoon dug in to prevent the German breakthrough

A narrow corridor between the Germans and their prize

Turn 1
Stukas appear over head bombing the advancing Brits

Germans advance rapidly using their artillery to pin down the Limeys

Half tracks advance guns blazing

The German mounted assault is pinned before it can even launch with the Brits only losing a stand

2 pdrs open fire into the rear of the half tracks

Turn 2
HMGs take up position on one objective and rifle platoon holds the other one

Germans infantry pull back while the Panzer IIs advance

Stukas arrive again taking out two more stands

Panzers cautiously advance wary of the guns firing over open sights

Panzers make sure they are out of line of sight completely

Turn 3
Panzers use the hill to screen one of the 25 pdrs while the infantry begin to advance again

Panzers line up in an attempt to break through the gun position

German infantry attempt to assault again this time being driven off for good

Panzers assault and lose a tank to defensive fire only to miss with their attacks and be destroyed with direct fire in assault and sticky bombs!

The Infantry and Panzers had fled and we ran out of time so the Brits won a 6-1.  I think even with more time Quinton had lost his assault elements and even if he had broken through the initial line of defensive he would have had a hard time pushing the other platoons off the objectives.

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