Sunday, May 31, 2015

Kampfgruppe Pieper vs Heer Grenadiers in Hasty Attack

Heer Grenadiers watch as the hills fill with SS Armour

I finally got to test out my anti-Patton list out of Devil's charge. Ryan brought a well rounded Grenadier list. We rolled up the mission at random and ended up with a Hasty Attack where I would use the always attack rule.

Big Willie's Panzers
OC and 2IC in King Tiger
1 x King Tiger
1 x King Tiger
Full Grenadier platoon
2 x 8cm (SP) mortars
3 x 2cm (SP) AA guns
3 x Pumas

Ryan's Grenadiers
OC and 2IC
Grenadier platoon
Grenadier platoon
2 x PaK 40s
2 x PaK 40s
2 x 88s
4 x 15cm guns
2 x Panthers
4 x SP AA
Stuka support

Set Up
Objective is top centre wood, just right of the right most wood and beside the hill on the left side of the ruined church

PaK 40s and Grenadiers dug in near an objective

Guns dug into gun pits with Grenadier and PaK 40 overwatch

Grenadier platoon dug into the woods guarding another objective

The OC watches over one of his platoons ready to advance

Mortars guard one objective supported by AA

Turn 1
The 2IC takes aim at some 15cm guns with no luck

The guns respond by shelling the old man and some AA to no avail

Stukas dive in on the armoured mortars only be to driven off by AA fire

Turn 2
Pumas arrive from reserve and attempt to knock out the 15cm guns FOO

The King Tigers continue their advance on the far left objective

The 2IC continues to advance on the guns across the field without effect

Guns again range in on the big cats but the German armour holds

Stukas again attempt to hit the armoured mortars but the AA downs two more

Turn 3
More German reserves arrive and begin following the big cats forward

The King Tigers are joined by the Pumas ready to lift gown to ground and seize the objective

The 2IC continues to try and hit the guns with no luck

The 15cm guns range in again and bail out a Puma

Turn 4
Pieper's forces avoid the ranged in arty and get into firing positions to engage the Grenadiers in the woods

German Armour masses getting ready for an assault

Line of sight from the observer to the AA guns is definitely concealed

Despite being concealed the guns range in but fail to hit any targets

Stukas continue to try and hit the mortars but again are driven off by AA fire

Turn 5
Mortars drop smoke onto an observer attempting to block his line of sight

With the infantry finally in position Pieper's forces get ready to launch the assault

Pre-assault phase where you can see the 88s that have come on from reserves to support the grenadiers

"Hans, that's a lot of heavy armour..."

Stukas swoop in and this time manage to bail a King Tiger

The defensive fire is successful in bail one half track and knocking out another, the assault stalls before it can really begin!

A King Tiger attempts to re-engage the grenadiers and is destroyed in the process

The 15cm guns range in on the exposed half tracks knocking out two more

Post assault both grenadier platoons are several battered and the 88s and 2 King Tigers are destroyed!

The 2IC moves to engage the newly arrived AA guns and Panthers
Turn 6
The grenadiers again launch an assault

Heer reinforcements begin moving to support the contested objective

The 2IC is surrounded by AA guns

The AA guns, Pumas and remains of the Grenadiers take out the last of the Heer forces holding the objective

The 2IC takes out the AA trucks and then prepares for the Panthers

The killing field around the objective

In the end I was able to hold the objective for a 4-3 win losing two King Tigers to close range fire or assaults.  The fact they were trained really means that the woods is a bad place for them to be assaulting into.  As always it was a great game and Ryan was an excellent opponent.

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