Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Commandos vs German Grenadier Kompanie in Breakthrough

Was it wheat or corn fields that stop bullets...

This game was the first time Stormtrooper Nick and I had played Infantry Aces.  We went with 500 pt LW lists to try the system out and because the other pieces of my gaming table hadn't arrived so the table was long but small. We modified the distances width wise to try and get the mission to work.

Big Willie's Commandos
Commando platoon
Commando platoon
Commando HMG platoon

Stormtrooper Nick's Grenadiers
OC and 2IC
Grenadier platoon
Grenadier platoon
HMG platoon

Set Up
Objectives are in the woods behind the barn and on the road by the farm house

Grenadier platoon in the woods while the other is ready to race to the objective

Commando platoons ready to sweep through the wheat to the objective

Turn 1
Commandos race into the wheat fields

HMGs move behind a hill ready to move up and provide covering fire

Turn 2
Commandos continue to advance covered by their own HMGs

Turn 3
Commandos continue advancing and the Grenadiers move out to greet them

The Commando assault is both swift and deadly taking out the Grenadier platoon while losing some of their number in the process

Turn 4
Grenadiers attempt to launch an assault on the Commandos but defensive fire pins them down

Commandos advance and take the objective

As always Stormtrooper Nick is a great opponent and this was an excellent way for the both of us to get some exposure to the Infantry Aces play style and how it is very different than normal FoW. We are hoping to run a campaign in the coming year so stay tuned.


  1. Nice report, and a great looking game. Infantry Aces looks like a fun way to play the game, I really must get around to playing it!

  2. Nice!
    I can't wait for our Campaign!