Saturday, November 30, 2013

US 7th Armored vs Wiking SS Panzers in Dust Up

Shermans advance into the village against the SS Panzers

Game 3 of Perkin's Hobby House and Petawawa Miniature Soldier's (PMS) annual Battle Cry tournament (LW 1650) was against Ian formerly from PMS who recently moved down to Kingston. He was playing the Wiking SS Panzers which under his control is a very feared opponent here in Petawawa!  The mission was Dust Up and I lucked out right away rolling higher and being the attacker.  The table we were playing on was very open which is great for a tank battle but it looked like Vietnam instead of the Lorraine.

Ian's Wiking SS Panzers
OC and 2IC in Panzer IV H
5 x Panzer IV H
3 x StuGs 
3 x Panthers
3 x SP 3.7cm AA2 x 8-Rads

My 7th Armored
OC - E8 and 2IC - Jumbo
4 x Shermans (2 x E8, 1 x Jumbo, 1 x M4A3)
4 x Shermans (2 x E8, 1 x Jumbo, 1 x M4A1)
4 x Stuarts 
2 x 81mm Half track Mortars
Div Recce Jeep and Half track
3 x Priests

Set Up
 Objectives are in the fields on the right and near the houses on the far right

 Panzer Kannon StuGs and the OC deploy on the high ground at the edge of the deployment zone

 More Panzer Kannon and the 2IC use the huts for cover

 Shermans lined up ready to roll out

 Patton stays close to keep an eye on the front lines

Turn 1
 The old man in an E8 "Dakota" watches his 2IC advance into the town while taking out some Panzers

 The other platoons E8's open fire taking out more Panzer IVs
Turn 2
 Panzers move in an attempt to knock out Shermans but there are too many of them

 The Panzer Kannon proves his worth when he knocks out an M4A1

Turn 3
 Shermans continue to advance into the face of the German guns

 Priests take out a StuG while the Shermans bail another

Turn 4
 The Shermans take out the last of the Panzer IVs

 The lone StuG and OC continue to fight on all the while being harassed by the AOP

The old man holds the objective despite having lost several of his tanks

The game ended the beginning of turn 5 with me down a couple tanks but no platoons.  I was surprised that Ian didn't put his Panthers on the table as I think they would have done a lot more damage than the StuGs did.  Neither of us got any reserves and that made it much harder for Ian.  At the end I was able to get a 6-1 which meant I ended with a 3-0 record for the tournament and 18 battle points which let me win the best overall at the tournament.  A special thanks goes to the PMS and Perkins Hobby House for running the event.  The 7th Armored is very strong so now I want to see if I can build a big cat list that can take them down.

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