Thursday, January 15, 2015

German Grenadier Pioneers vs US Light Tanks in Hasty Attack

Panthers sink their teeth into the Stuarts

This week I had the chance to get a 1710 MW game in against the Technoviking.  I was playing Eastern Front Grenadier Pioneers and he was playing a US light tank company from North Africa.  We rolled up the mission and it was Hasty Attack where I was going to be on the defensive against the attacks of Technoviking. I continued the new trend of taking black and white photos, hope you guys like it.

Big Willie's Germans
OC and 2IC
Full Armored Pioneer platoon with supply truck
Under strength trucked Pioneer platoon
4 x Marder III
2 x 8-Rads
2 x 2cm SP AA guns
2 x Panthers
3 x Nebs

Technovikings Americans
OC and 2IC in Stuarts
3 x Stuarts
3 x Stuarts
Armored Rifle platoon
Armored Rifle platoon
Armored Mortar platoon
4 x M10s
Recce platoon
4 x 105mm platoon

Set Up
The attacking objectives on both hills and by the church, the defender objective is at the base of the hill far right

Panthers guard one objective

Nebs and Armored Pioneers guard the centre objective

US tanks and Recce ready to roll out with 105 support

Armored Rifles guard the one attacker objective

Turn 1
Nebs range in and knock out 2 x 105mm guns!

Marders open fire knocking out 2 x Stuarts but the remaining one stands resolute but bailed

Panthers force the Recce platoon to break off and reorganize

Turn 2
2 xMarders open fire on the Recce platoon knocking out the half track and taking out 2 x stands

2 x Marders open fire on the TD security section

Panther opens fire and knocks out the last Stuart

Turn 3
Panthers prepare for the TD pop having stopped the US armored thrust

We unfortunately ran out of time and had to stop here but it would have been interested to see if the TDs could have taken out the Panthers.  If so it would open the doors for the other Stuart platoon and the armored rifles to take an objective.  


  1. Agreed I think the next two turns would have been critical with the attack completed stopped or a whole in the defence to be exploited.