Saturday, January 3, 2015

Mid War US tanks vs German Aufklärungs in Counter Attack

Bacon Tree (no wait that's an 'am-bush)

Today at Gamezilla, I played a game against Quentin.  The armies were mid war.  For the US, I had a tank company (Confident Trained):
OC and 2IC in Stuarts
Stuart Platoon (4 tanks)
Sherman Platoon (4 tanks)
Armored Rifle Platoon (2 bazookas)
Recon Platoon (2 sections in jeeps, HQ and bazooka in halftrack)
M10 TD Platoon
105mm Howitzer Platoon

The Germans had:
Aufklärungsschwadron (mechanised list, Confident Veteran)
2 x Pl (SdKfz 205/1)
10.5 cm howitzer platoon
8 rad platoon
Pz IV Pl
Heavy AT Pl (2 x FlaK 36)
Limited Air (Stuka)

Set Up
The US is attacking.  Their deployment zone is near, right.  The Germans defending near, left.  The German Objectives are in their zone, and in the zone far, left.  The German reserves will appear far, right corner.  US force is confident trained, and the Germans are confident veteran.

Attack Position:
The US force in its attack position, ready to launch on the far objective, racing the Germans.

Stuart platoon doubles to get up near the objective before the Germans can reach them.

Pz IV platoon launches its ambush.  At long range from the Shermans, hoping to stop them before they even get started.

Stuka dives in for the attack (2 planes in this sortie), augmenting the fire of the Pz IV platoon

The Shermans are burning.
German gunnery is saving the day.  2 Shermans are knocked out, assisting the Stuka by denying the US 2 badly needed dice for AA fire

In spite of the Pz IV platoon's efforts, the US was able to drive one plane away.  There was one hit on the US, but the top armour deflected the blast.  The sad pilot flies off, dejected that he missed his mark.

Rolling in again!
Undeterred, 2 Stukas return, this time knocking out a half track and killing its passengers

Panzers continue the slaughter.
The Shermans have been stopped in their tracks, the Panzer IVs finishing them off.

M10 Firing Line.
The M10 platoon reveals, using the terrain as cover, in an attempt to avenge the Shermans

A Pz IV burns!  Alas, it's not enough, just bailing the second tank.

Counter Attack!
Schützenpanzer Platoon moves in to hit the US flank.  Two platoons both failed to pass the Tank Terror.  It would prove fatal to a platoon!

Slaughter of the Schützens!
The Stuarts use their treads and MGs to good use, destroying the platoon on the road.

For the Kill!
Stuka returns, avoiding all AA fire, taking out another halftrack, but the passengers survive and jump into the platoon commander's vehicle.

Panzer IVs avenge their comrade.
The M10 platoon felt the sting of not finishing off the Panzer IV platoon.  With three bailed and one burning, thanks to some very accurate long range 88mm fire, the bailed out crews decided that they had enough, and they fled the battle.

2IC earns the Medal of Honor.  Posthumous.
The Panzer IV platoon survivors move up for the kill on the 2IC, sealing the fate of the Americans.

The US force, down over 50% of its platoons, and with the company command team dead, fled the battle.  The Germans were able to hold on, 5-2 for Quentin.  

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