Sunday, January 21, 2018

USMC Rifle Company vs US Army Mechanised Rifle Company in Breakthrough

Marines supported by Amtracks ready to bring the pain

Game 3 of the Kingston Gaming Nexus' 64 point Team Yankee tournament was against Jay and his American Mechanised Infantry. Again we were playing with the battle plans and the more mission pack so I elected to attack and Jay elected to manouvre but this time we rolled breakthrough.

Big Willie's USMC
Full Rifle platoon with 2 x dragons, 2 x SMAWs in Amtracks
Short Rifle platoon with 2 x dragons, 2 x SMAWs in Hueys
5 x M60s
2 x TOW
2 x TOW
4 x Stingers
3 x M109s with bomblets and mines
2 x Harriers

Jay's US Army
Full mech platoon with extra dragons
Full mech platoon with extra dragons
4 x IPM1s
2 x VADs
3 x M109s

Set Up
Objectives are top right by the house and far left where the road disappears off the table

US Rifle platoon take position in the buildings around the objective while the other rifle platoon hides in ambush

USMC TOW take up position on a reverse slope ready to cover the attack on the objectives

Leathernecks supported by Amtracks ready to advance

Turn 1
Marines serge forward using the cover of the oasis

M60s advance and start peppering the M109s with direct fire

Turn 2
SMAWs knock out the M113s while the Riflemen assault into the buildings pushing the US Army out onto the streets

Turn 3
Marines continue to push forward surrounding the US Army platoon and wiping them out. At the same time the other platoon springs from ambush in the desert to try and dragon the M60s with no luck

Harriers arrive and attempt to hammer the newly revealed infantry 

Turn 4
The US Army finally get reserves and they hit hard with the IPM1s pushing the air mobile marines back from the objective and killing several stands in the process. With their improved armour they are essentially immune to the Marines fire only bailing on the roll of a 1 for side armour shots!

The Army platoon encouraged by the IPM1s, attack and are forced back after several intense moments of hand to hand combat

Turn 5
The Marines begin moving to try and help out the isolated air mobile Rifle platoon in the hopes they can at least bail some of the IPM1s butt he buildings provide significant cover for the tanks

The Marines successfully bail 2 tanks and then assault with the infantry. The assault hits but fails to do any damage. The IPM1s fail their motivation and break off allowing 2 tanks to be destroyed!

The remaining IPM1s open fire at point blank range but fail to hit the Marines, talk about a stroke of luck for the Leathernecks

Turn 6
As the dust settles the Marines have destroyed the Rifle platoons and M109s around the objective is firmly in their control.

The game ended at the beginning of turn 6 with the USMC taking down the US Army 6-1. Having the 5 tanks in a platoon was again great for keeping the M60s around but the MVP had to be the Marine and his rifle. A platoon advanced directly into two Mechanised platoons and took them both out including the supporting M113s. After having seen the Marines in action, I will be making sure they are closing with and destroying the enemy instead of holding back like I did with the first two games.

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