Monday, January 8, 2018

USMC Rifle Company vs West Germans in Encounter

Leathernecks secure the LZ and an objective!

This weekend I had the chance to play in the Kingston Gaming Nexus' 64 point Team Yankee Tournament. Nexus has an fantastic set up and the tables and armies looked great. Ian organised a very well organized and run event with 10 players. The tournament used the more missions rules from Battle Front. I was paired against Ross and his West Germans, I figured that playing USMC meant I should be on the attack, so I chose to do so and he chose to manoeuvre. Which lead to us rolling Encounter as the mission.

Big Willie's Leathernecks
Full Rifle platoon with 2 dragons and 2 SMAWs in Amtracks
Short Rifle platoon with 2 dragons and 2 SMAWs in Hueys
5 x M60s
2 x TOW
2 x TOW
4 x Stringers
3 x M109s with bomblets and mines
2 x Harriers

Ross' West Germans
OC in Marder
Full Marder platoon
Short Marder platoon
3 x Jugar Is
2 x Gepards
2 x Luchs
OC in Leo1
3 x Leo1s
3 x Leo1s
3 x Panzer Mosers
3 x Jugar IIs
2 x Rolands
4 x Tornadoes

Set Up
Objectives are just out of frame high right, and top left side of the board behind the hill. Objectives on the other side are in between the building and wood and top left side near the woods

West Germans guarding the objective

Marders and Jugars near the objective

Leo1s ready to move out

The West German OC watches the Jugar deploy in hull down positions

USMC M109s guarding an objective

M60s ready to advance and go toe to toe with the Leo1s

TOW covering a potential avenue of advance

Turn 1
M60s advance and take out one Roland forcing the other to flee

Leos and Jugars advance on the left flank

Marders and Jugars advance on the right flank

Turn 2
TOWs open fire and knock out 2 Marders

M60s open fire on the Jugars knocking out one

M109s drop mines on the Leo1s stopping them in their tracks

Turn 3
Jugars open fire at long range and take out the M109 platoon

Leo's fail to motivate and move in the minefield

M60s move to encounter the trapped Leos taking out the OCs Marder while they get into position

Turn 4
Jugars begin duelling with the M60s taking one out

Jugars move behind the wood to threaten the objective

M60s move to close the distance so they are inside the ATGM minimum range

M60s use cover while trying to take out the Jugars

Turn 5
Jugars move into the woods trying to avoid the M60s

The M60s waste no time crashing into the woods and destroying the tank hunters

The Leo1 OC starts inching forward to pick off the M60s while they continue their duel with the Jaguars

The airmobile platoon arrives from reserves with a blitz move and reinforces the objective

Harriers arrive and engage the newly arrived Leo1s knocking one out

Leo1s finally break free from the minefield and make an M60 pay

Turn 6
Recognizing the last chance to launch an assault the OC leads the platoon on a daring air assault while handing over the objective the the newly arrived stingers and TOW

The birds take up position above the objective expecting to be shot down
Both birds are knocked out of the sky and the Corps only loses a single stand in the crash.

We ran out of time here with both Ross and I losing. We had both destroyed several of the other armies platoons so battle points the score was 3-3. I had an absolute wonderful time playing this game, it was a real nail bitter. Looking back I should have started moving my big infantry platoon out much earlier to threaten the objective as the big platoon could have crushed the much smaller West German platoon.As a modeling aside, I need to move the magnets for my Sea Knights forward in the hull so they balance on their flight stands when the in flight  rotor disks are attached.


  1. Looks fantastic, wish I could have come!

  2. Those Marines looked amazing and fought a great fight. It was a real pleasure to do battle with them. Hopefully we can see the other two battles from the tourney!