Monday, July 1, 2019

German Grenadiers vs US Tank Company in Free for All

The Tiger stalks the battlefield looking for its next prey!

Game 2 of the Lords of War 109 pt MW tournament was against Shawn and his Yanks! He was rocking a very similar list to Dennis with the exception of all the cards. I mean he spent like 25 points on all the cards. So the Germans were basically playing against Germans but with American equipment.

Big Willie's German Grenadiers
OC with 2IC
Full Grenadier platoon
Full Grenadier platoon
Full HMG platoon
3 x 2cm SP AA trucks
3 x Marder III
3 x PaK 40s
2 x 8-Rads
2 x 10.5m guns
Tiger Ie
looted KV

Shawn's US Tank Company
OC and 2IC in Lees
5 x Lees
5 x Stuarts
5 x Stuarts
3 x Armoured Mortar platoon
3 x T19 SP guns
3 x Priests
Full Armoured Recce Platoon

Set Up
Objectives are  bottom centre, far right by woods, top centre by train station and just off camera to the left by the oil tanks

T19s and Recce mortar jeep on the hill side

Lees clustered behind the woods attempting to the Tiger and KV.

US Doughboys holding an objective

Stuarts and T19s (standing in for Priests)

View from the Tiger

PaK 40s in a firing line

Grenadiers holding the objective

10.5cm guns holding the other objective

Turn 1-4
Stuarts attempt to re-position only to get 3 of their number chewed up by Marders

Grenadiers and newly arrived AA support the KV

KV attempts to knock out some SP guns but the veteran Yankees are too hard to hit

Turn 5-6
AA trucks play cat and mouse with the Stuarts while the KV attempts to get a bead on them

 The Lees have used effective smoke to move across the open terrain but are now caught by the blitzing Tiger!

Turn 6
With the Lees destroyed the Tiger turns its sight back onto the SP guns

The Marders and HMGs have managed to completely stall the Armoured Rifles attempt to advance, knocking out all the half tracks and pinning the infantry

Turn 7
The Grenadiers advance to destroy bailed out Stuarts and prepare to fight hand to hand with the US dough boys

With the final push defeated on the right flank the Tiger begins to advance again against the US Armoured Recce platoon

In the end both Shawn and I had lost many a platoon but the unwillingness of my HMG platoon kept the Company in the fight. The 3+ last stand is very helpful for the smaller German platoons. Once again the 8-Rads spearhead and being able to secure key woods allowing for forward deployment was critical in the 4-3 win. Shawn was super aggressive and I felt like a boxer who never really gets to start swinging because they are dodging for so much of the fight.

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