Friday, July 13, 2012

Building a Western European Battlefield the easy way!

Battle Front moves into real estate

Battle Front has just come out with a new subscription offer which is outstanding!  Basically for roughly $21 USD a month you get a new house (pictured above).  The houses come once a month and are shipped free to you.  In addition to the houses you get a bunch of extras like a fountain, walls and extensions for the buildings you can see them all here.  Now I just need to get some roads and and I have everything I need for a battlefield.  As the buildings come in I will be doing a review on them and they will start being featured in upcoming AARs.


  1. I pick it up as well, Great Deal!

    I'm looking forward to getting the first one, in a week or so

  2. I'm thinking that I now have a couple armies, but don't really have a good table like the ones from SS2012. So I'm going to start building a collection of Eastern, Western and Desert table pieces so I can enjoy playing anywhere in the war.