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German Panzer Pioneers vs Russian Infantry in Hold the Line

Half-track MGs pin a Russian assault!

This was round two of Summer Siege 2012 put on by the Dice Devils. I was again pitted against a Russian Infantry horde (played by Nic) this time the mission was Hold the line which had us playing the long way on the table and as luck would have it there was a massive run way (ie road) right down the middle.

Russian Strelkovy
  • HQ, 2IC, Kommisar and a ton of Pioneers and AT rifles
  • Massive Infantry Coy
  • Small Infantry Coy
  • 3 x IS-2s
  • Priority Air
German Panzer Pioneers
  • OC adn 2IC with Fausts
  • Full strengthen Pioneers with HT
  • Under Strength Pioneers with HT
  • 2 x Tiger IEs
  • 3 x Nebs
  • 3 x Panzer II Ls
  • 4 x Marder III Ms


Objectives are at the far end of the runway and in the field just over top of the massive hanger ruin

With the large Coy in ambush only the Warrior teams and the Kommisar are on the table

A lone broken down Marder marks the appearing unguarded objective

Panzer II's ready to advance on the left flank supported by Tigers, while the Pioneers go straight up the gut!

Russian Strelkovy
  • Smaller Infantry Company
  • 3 x IS-2s
German Panzer Pioneers
  • Nil

Russian Strelkovy: Nic attached out all of the HQ teaams to the already massive Russian company making one that was 30 stands strong or so. This company was held in ambush while the remaining two companies were held in reserves.
German Panzer Pioneers: Give the ground I really wanted to push hard on the left and deny the big ruined hangar for him to spring his amubush. The run way and my light tanks should do the trick.


With a roar the whole German Army advances..

With the exception of the Nebs who dig in.

The HT on the runway start to out pace their counterparts thanks to better mobility, mean while the light Recce tanks are already up to the objective thanks to Recce moves and them being light tanks

With the Germans closing in the Russians reveal themselves but thanks to the Recce tanks they have to be deployed further back than they would like. That whole group is a single Company!!!

Russian Anti-tank guns open fire on the light tanks who quickly break contact still leaving one claiming the objective

Russian Strelkovy
    German Panzer Pioneers

      Russian Strelkovy: Nic was taken back by how fast the Recce tanks moved and the HTs on the road, that 18" move is crazy. Just because you can ambush with a platoon doesn't mean you want too.
      German Panzer Pioneers: The Nebs are poised and ready to fire in support of an assault against the right hand objective from the Pioneers. I've never done a mounted assault before so this promises to be a learning experience.

      TURN 2

      The large platoon and old man close up on the Commies MGs blazing as they assault into the Russian OC, 2IC and Kommisar

      The Russians break off from the assualt and the Germans move up to the fince line pushing the Russians back even further

      The skies are filled with Russians plane but they are only successful in bailing a Tiger

      The Russians unpin and counter attack, they bail 2 HT but the remaining ones supported by the old man are enough to pin the assault!

      Russian Strelkovy
      • OC, 2IC, HQ Kommisar
      • 3 x Infantry stands
      German Panzer Pioneers

        TURN 2 SUMMARY
        Russian Strelkovy: With only the one platoon on the board and both objectives being pushed on at the same time there just isn't enough leadership to go around. The AT rifles couldn't hit anything and with the pinned counter attack the game ends the beginning of turn 3.
        German Panzer Pioneers: The mounted assault went really well and I didn't realize that it was completely due to the Nebs pinning the platoon first until later in the next game when I didn't. I had planned on going for the left objective but the right one really just fell into my lap.
        This game was over fairly quickly and I was lucky enough not to have to see the IS-2s on the battlefield. I wasn't sure what I was going to do against them. I really found that this game hinged on the manouverability of the German army. I still don't think I truly apperciate just how quick they can move and assault when set up correctly.  With this 6-1 game I was now sitting at 2 wins (5-2 and 6-1) and looking good for going into the last round.  Stay tuned for the exciting conclusion of SS 2012 against the First Special Service Force.

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