Sunday, April 13, 2014

Paths of Glory 2014

Xander's MW Americans (ok this wasn't from the tournament but it's awesome!)

Today Perkins held a MW 1500 tournament for FoW.  It was 3 rounds and a special thanks to Luggs for running the event.  The only hang up was the delayed start time, but that was because of Hydro One and nothing the tournament organizers or Gary could have helped.

I played 3 games which will becoming as battle reports shortly but I wanted to show the armies.  They were fantastic!

 Big Willie's PanzerKompanie

PhantomRescue's Aussie Calvary 

Matt Varnishes DAK 

Complete with skin mags 

And more 

and more 

Alex's Grenadiers 

RKelly's Canadians 

Brit Commando's 

Gary's Panthers 

Joyous_Oblivion's American Tanks

Lugg's Brits 

Ben's Grenadiers 

BJ's PanzerKompanie 

Andrew's Italians 

Close up of the Italians 

Bi-plane action 

Another close up

I will have the battle reports up in the coming days along with the results.

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