Tuesday, April 29, 2014

PanzerKompanie vs Russian Tankovy in Counterattack

Panther's in the killing fields surrounded by burning hulks!

Game 2 of the Paths of Glory 1500 MW tournament was against Ian.  Again it was tank company against tank company but this time I won the roll to be the attacker.  Ian was running Russian tanks that had a Canadian connection based on the Valentines that were produced in Montreal and lend leased to Russia.

Ian's Tankovy (I'm not sure what some of the names are so if you know them let me know and I'll update)
OC in T34
6 x T34, 2 x T34/85
6 x Valentines
4 x ISU 76 (I think)
3 x Assault guns
3 x Recce cars

Big Willie's Panzers
OC in Panther
2 x Panthers
4 x Panzers (2 x III Ms, 1 x III N and 1 x IV G)
2 x 8-Rads
2 x AA guns (SP)

T34's are in the field and on the hill on the right side of the board.  The assault guns are held in ambush.  Objectives are in the wheat field and beside the rocky hill bottom right.

Panzers backed up by Panthers ready to advance

T34s protecting one objective

Turn 1
Panther's open fire on the T34's knocking one out

8-Rads advance along the far left flank and take up a hull down position

Panzers attempt to engage and destroy T34s at range

Turn 2
The ambush is spring while the T34s move through the woods, knocking out a Panther!

Platoon commander of the Panther's is a smoking ruin...

Valentine's arrive from reserve and try for flank shots on the German tanks, with no luck

Turn 3
Panzers move to engage the T34s knocking out 4 more of them

Panther's open fire destroying a Valentine and bailing two others

Turn 4
The Panzers continue to fight out taking out another two T34s

Russian Assault guns move deeper in the wheat fields while the Valentines attempt to find cover from the Panthers guns

Turn 5
Panthers move to support the Panzers advance on the objective

Russian reserves use the ground to move into position

Turn 6

The Valentines attempt to advance on the Panthers again resulting in the loss of the platoon!

Turn 7
The Germans begin setting up for their final push on the objective

The Russian guns move further back from the objective

More Russian reinforcements arrive, wary of the Panther's guns

Turn 8
A new platoon commander is appointed for the Panther platoon

Turn 9
The Panzers and Panthers crest the hill taking out an assault gun but losing all the Panzers in the process!

The Panthers open fire shredding the remaining assault guns 

Turn 10
8-Rads withdraw from the hill and link up with the AA guns

The Panthers open fire again this time taking out the Russian OC and claiming the objective

The game ended at the beginning of Ian's next turn as he was without his OC and below half.  It was a hard fought 5-2 win.  Ian is always hard hard opponent and this time was no different.

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