Saturday, June 21, 2014

USMC and Iraqi Armies

The USMC ready to roll into Iraqi after freeing Kuwait

On Tuesday night Matt Varnish from the Dice Devils and I had the chance to play a game of Stopping the Red Tide.  If you guys haven't seen the rule set, it takes the Battlefront Flames of War rules and modernizes them to 1986.  You can check out his website at We took it a step further and played with USMC and Iraqi National Guard Armies.  I'm working on the battle report of it now but figured that everyone would like to see just how awesome the models look.  I hope you enjoy.

The entire Iraqi tank army

OC with reactive armour and 2IC

T72 Platoon

Iraqi T55 reservists

Another platoon of T55 reservists

Surface to Air mobile guns

The Skipper (USMC slang for OC) and his 2IC

These are playing the role of Sea Knights but they are actually kit bashed Chinooks.  I will have an article coming soon on how to build them (they only cost about $20 each)


Cobra Attack Helicopter

Marines and M60 tanks with reactive armour


  1. Nice looking pics, very your armies and the buildings!

  2. Nice kit man! Cool that you're getting into moderns. Some great looking figs.

  3. Thanks, it was so much fun to play. Wait till you see the battle report we took a ton of pictures.

  4. They look excellent. I like the burned out humvee objective as well.