Wednesday, December 24, 2014

PanzerKompanie vs US Armour in Free for All

Panthers prowl the outside of a desert town

The final game of Perkins Hobby House 1500 MW tournament was against the Dice Devils Joyous_Oblivion. He was playing a US tank company made up of mostly Shermans. The battlefield  was very cluttered with buildings every where.  At least with us both playing tanks it would be equally difficult for either of us to manoeuvre.

Joyous_Oblivion US Tanks (Confident Trained)
OC and 2IC in Shermans
4 x Shermans
3 x Shermans
3 x M8 Scotts
3 x Stuarts
3 x .50 Cal (SP) AA guns
Recce Platoon with half tracks and jeeps
4 x 105mm battery
Limited Air support

Big_Willie's German Panzers (Confident Veterans)
OC in Panther
2 x Panthers
4 x Panzers (2 x III L, III N and IV G)
2 x 8-Rads
2 x (SP) AA guns

Set Up

German objectives are in the woods top of the board and in the open far right by the vineyard.  US objectives are the ammo dumb bottom left and the ruined tank just behind the building top left

AA guns guard one objective while the other objective is guarded by Panzers

US tanks and AA guns take up position behind the walls on the out skirts of town 

Panzers backed up with Panthers on the edge of the town with 8-Rads on roads ready to move out

Another Sherman platoon in cover ready to roll out

105s and armored mortars supporting the US tanks

Panthers and AA guns hold the left flank while 8-Rads rapidly redeploy with their Recce move

Turn 1

Panzers surge into the town and knock out a US Recce jeep

Turn 2
US air power swoops in and bails an 8-Rad who was sneaking around an objective

The tanks continue to duel in the close confines of the town.with Shermans and a couple Panzers trading off

Turn 3

Scotts out flank the lone Panzer but the German armor manages to hold up against the US steel

Turn 4

Panthers  continue to prowl around the outskirts while the lone Panzer and US tanks continue fighting in the town.

In the end the Shermans were able to move onto an objective and I failed my Stormtrooper move to get close enough to allow the game to continue.  It was a hard fought game but the US prevailed in a 6-1 win.  If memory serves me correct Joyous_Oblivion ended up winning best overall.

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