Saturday, December 20, 2014

US 7th Armored Div vs German GrenadierKompanie with Heroes in No Retreat

Old Blood Guts and Glory leading from the front!

Game 2 of the Games of Remembrance was against Dave and his German Heroes backed up with infantry.  The mission was No Retreat and that meant that my US tanks would be on the attack trying to get through the German wall of infantry backed up with Otto Carius and Von Sauken.

US 7th Armored
OC in E8, 2IC in Jumbo
4 x Shermans (2 x E8, Jumbo and M4A1)
4 x Shermans (2 x E8, Jumbo and M4A1)
4 x Stuarts
Recce Jeep and Half track
2 x Armored mortars
3 x Priests
Limited P-47s

German GrenadierKompanie
Von Sauken
OC and 2IC Windgruber
Grenadier platoon
Grenadier platoon
Full HMG platoon
Full HMG platoon
Full Mortar platoon
3 x PaK 40
2 x Tiger IE with Carius and Kerscher
3 x Quad 2cm AA guns)

Set Up

Objectives are the Iron Cross centred in the back and the 7th Armored by the swamp

Germans dug in ready to hold out against the US onslaught

German infantry and mortars guard the other  objective

Priest ready to cover the advance of the Stuarts on one flank

Shermans arrayed in front of old blood guts and glory himself

Under the old mans inspiring eye the Americans surge forward

Turn 1
Stuarts advance ready to take out an infantry platoon

The defensive fire from the Germans knocks out one tank and bails another stopping the assault cold

Carius springs from hiding and take out the remaining Stuarts

Turn 2
Get some smoke in his face! Carius is blinded but Kerscher is knocked out!

Turn 3
The Shermans turn their attention on the infantry killing 2 stands and driving them from their foxholes

Patton oversees the assault

Turn 4
PaK 40s arrive from reserve to take flank shots but fail to hit anything

The Shermans route the infantry (including the OC and Von Sauken) while duelling  Carius and losing a Jumbo in the process

The AOP brings the Priests on and they take out 2 guns

Turn 5
The E8s under the direction of the skipper finally take out Carius while the others hold the objective

HMGs and Infantry platoons attempt to retake the objective only to be mowed down by MG in the open

When the MGs finally stop firing both the HMG and infantry platoon are gutted!

In the end the Germans knocked out a platoon and it would have been a 5-2 victory but with me taking out Carius it swung the points back to being a 6-1 victory.  It was a great game and I think that if Dave had made a few changes with his selection of platoons to deploy and ambush and the game result would have been very different.

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