Sunday, September 13, 2015

US Armored Rifles vs German Tigers in No Retreat

"Looking for a safe place to park your tank? Behind me 'cause the bastards aren't going any further"

The other weekend there was a 1710 FoW MW tournament at Animaritime. I got a whole new army painted so I was running US Armored Rifles. My first opponent was Ryan who was running a Tiger   Company so I was going to have my work cut out for me. I chose to deploy the two ARPs the Priests and then ambushing with the Shermans.

Big Willie's Armored Rifles
OC and 2IC
ARP with 4 'zooks
ARP with 3 'zooks
3 x Priests
3 x Armored Mortars
4 x Shermans
4 x Stuarts
Armored Recce PPl
Recce Pl
Limited P-38s

Ryan's Tigers
OC in Tiger
Grenadier Pl
Motocycle Recce Pl
2 x SP AA guns
3 x Nebs

Set Up
Objectives are on the hill other side of the road and behind the woods this is of the road

Priests and one ARP hold an objective

The other objective held by the second ARP

German motorcycles on the road covered by a Tiger and Nebs in the wheat field

Turn 1-2
The Germans surge forward using the hedges for cover

US Army Air Force hears the call for support and knock out a Tiger!

Priests range in but only mange to bail an AA gun

The lone Tiger advances down the road

Turn 3
The Shermans spring from ambush and aren't able to hurt the Tiger the return fire knocks out one tank and bails another

The Germans pin the ARP and then the OC Tiger advances to assault the Americans, only to be knocked out by a Bazooka!
Turn 4
Stuarts arrive from reserves and combine their fire with the ARP to take out the AA guns and most of the German infantry platoon

Turn 5
Stuarts finish off the remaining German infantry leaving the one Tiger and Nebs who flee the battlefield

The game ended in a 5-2 with Ryan taking out my Shermans before his company broke. As always it was a great game where the Tigers proved to be both hard as nails for the Shermans but Bazookas and Planes did a great job in taking care of them.

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