Sunday, November 15, 2015

British Commandos vs DAK Grenadiers in No Retreat

The fog of war!

I had the chance to try out my Commandos again with a night attack. This time I was going to have to take on Mark and his DAK Pioneers in a MW 1710 battle. I decided to try another night attack as we were both playing infantry companies. I was hoping that darkness would let me get close enough in the desert.

Big Willie's Commandos
Commando platoon (1 section)
Commando platoon (1 section)
Commando platoon (1 section)
Commando mortars
Commando HMGs
3 x Shermans
2 x 17/25 pdrs
3 x Humber Recce cars
Hurricane support

Marks DAK
OC and 2IC
Pioneer platoon with supply truck
Pioneer platoon with supply truck
2 x 88s
4 x Panzer III Ns
2 x 8-rads
4 x 10.5cm guns

Set Up

Objectives are in the centre of the two compounds and right side of the right compound

Commando platoon and Shermans ready to advance

Commandos and guns ready to surge forward

Pioneers site their obstacles to be able to cover them with MG fire

German guns ready to open fire

Turn 1
Humbar cars sneak forward only to be spotted by arty

Commandos surge forward wary of the sun and the coming dawn

Shermans and Commandos advance towards another compound

Wire is strung from one side of the battle field to the other

Turn 2
Commandos attempt to determine the best way to cross the obstacles

Sherman and Commandos continue their advance

Humbars attempt to break through the DAK lines but are driven back

The wire is proving to cause major hang ups for the attacking Brits

The RAF swoops in attacking the pioneers with little joy

The 88s spring from ambush but only knock out one Sherman

Turn 3
Shermans cover the Commando as they attempt to breach the wire

Teams of Commandos surge forward attempting to breach

The wire acts like a break water that stops the surging British Tide

Turn 4
The Commandos start using the buildings to move around the wire but they are stripped of their supporting vehicles

Shermans open fire on the 88s but fail to knock any out while the Commandos finally gap the wire

Panzers roll in from reserve reinforcing the German lines

88s return fire and knock out the remaining Shermans

The 17/25 pdrs open fire at extreme range against the Panzer IIIs

Arty attempts to knock out a MG with no luck

The RAF swoops down and knocks out an 88!

Turn 5
Nebs arrive to support the 10.5cm guns

Panzers and 8-Rads hold the left flank with devastating MG fire as the Commandos attempt to cross the courtyard

With multiple Commando platoons destroyed the attack falters completely. The raiders withdraw to fight another day.

The devastation of a well sited defensive line against unprepared attackers!

Mark won this game handily (6-1) with me learning several important lessons about dismounted troops and obstacles. Make sure you have a plan to deal with them! Also, I spread myself out too much, I should have focused my force on one flank. 

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