Thursday, March 17, 2016

US Armored Rifles vs German Panzer Grenadiers in Dust Up

Look to the skies!

The final game of the 1710 MW tournament at Animaritime was against StormTrooper Nick. He was running a East Front German Panzer Grenadier list that is very similar to the German Pioneer list I enjoy playing. As we were both playing Mech lists we rolled to see who would be attacking and he won, putting me on the defence.

Big Willie's US Armored Rifles
OC and 2IC
ARP with 4 'zooks
ARP with 3 'zooks
3x Priests
4 x Shermans
4 x Stuarts
Armored Recce
Limited Air

StormTrooper Nick's Germans
OC and 2IC
Mech Pl
Mech Pl
3 x Panzers II Luchs
2 x Panthers
2 x 3.5cm SP AA guns
Limited Air

Set Up

Objectives are bottom centre and middle ground and by the 4 way stop and between the houses in the far ground

Shermans ready to try and get to a Panther flank

Priests watch the infantry dig in to hold the line

Luchs hold the objective being watched by their big brother a Panther

AA watch the skies above the Panthers

Turn 1
German AA guns knock out a diving P-38 intent on taking out a Panther

Luchs advance into the field while the Shermans race to the open ground where German reinforcements will be coming from

AA fire from the Priests manage to down a Lufttwaffe pilot!

Turn 2
Time on Target! A Panther goes boom

Turn 3
The Priests fire again, this time taking out an AA gun

The Lufftwaffe swoops in and hammers the Shermans killing one and bailing another two while the Grenadiers move to a flank

Turn 4-6
More German reinforcements arrive and they take no time to finish off the Shermans

American reinforcements arrive and take out the remaining Panther and AA gun!

The ARPs stop all assaults from the Grenadiers while the American Recce forces play cat and mouse for the intermediate objective while the Stuarts hold the depth objective

In the end it was a 5-2 game for the US. I made a foolish move by hanging the Shermans out on their own without infantry to protect them from assaults. The Priests did a great job with their time on target.

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