Thursday, March 3, 2016

Team Yankee USMC!

Hi everyone, I've been working away at updating my USMC for Moderns and the new Battlefront Team Yankee is a perfect fit! I'm trying to do a USMC from Desert Storm so close enough that it will seamlessly fit into the world of Team Yankee. The HMMVEs are M113s, the Harriers are A10s and the M60s are M1s. It is a almost seamless transfer. I will have a post on how I painted my tanks and aircraft up shortly. For now here are some pictures of the Combat team I have finished (less decals and varnish).

 Group Shot with tanks, TOW, aircraft and some infantry

USMC Cobras and Harriers just needing their decals 

OC and 2IC tanks along with a platoon commander. The Orange markers on the back of the tanks are panel markers used for friendly identification by aircraft and denotes command tanks for gaming


  1. Man.. looking FANTASTIC. We NEED to get a game in.. I just finished my Motor Rifles and picked up 6 SP Artillery, 2 Su-25 'Grach's and a metric tonne of scenery..

  2. Looks awesome. Nice collection. Cheers

  3. Very nice. I'm plugging away with my Canadians.

  4. @Matt - I totally agree I'm looking forward to coming back to Ottawa. Looks like it may only be a year or so until I'm there again.

    Thanks guys, I'm really enjoying painting this army. I have M1A1s and M109s on my painting desk now so stay tuned.