Sunday, August 7, 2016

German Panzers vs German Mountain Infantry in Breaktrough

Mountain guns fire over open sights on Panzers!

This game was my final game of the Nationals preparation tournament held at the Duelling Ground in Toronto. It was a 1500 EW tournament and I was matched against Dean and his mountain German infantry.

Big Willie's Panzers
OC and 2IC in Panzer IV Ds
2 x Panzer IV Ds
2 x Panzer IV Ds
Full Armoured Pioneer platoon with supply truck
2 x Nebs
2 x 8-Rads
3 x 2 cm SP AA trucks

Dean's Mountain Infantry
OC and 2IC
Infantry platoon
Infantry platoon
Pioneer platoon
6 x Mortars
4 x Mountain guns
4 x Mountain guns
3 x Panzerjagers
2 x 8-Rads

Set Up
Objectives are on the stream top left and just off camera to the left

Mountain troops ready to advance and cross the wire obstacles in their path

Turn 1
Panzers begin advancing in the woods

Turn 2
Half-tracks surge across the river covered by Panzers on both banks

Pioneers move up to breach the wire while the mountain guns advance into the woods to hunt for Panzers

Turn 3
Panzers realize that they won't out run the guns and starts to trade shots with them

With the wire breached the Panzerjagers surge forward to get their teeth into the Panzers

The Panzers take out 2 guns and the platoon commander but suffer a bailed take in the assault

Mountain Pioneers dig in just shy of the objective while the remaining mountain troops surround the objective.

Turn 4
Half-tracks finally cross the stream and start advancing full tilt while guarding on the eventual arrival of the 8-Rads

AA trucks arrive from reserve

The mortars drop smoke on the Panzers with the intent of forcing them to move and limiting their return fire

Turn 5
Recognizing the threat of the Panzerjagers the Panzers, 8-Rads and AA trucks concentrate their fire knocking out all 3 of the tank destroyers

The one Panzer still doesn't want to remount so the 2IC steps in and knocks out the staff team but still the mountain guns hold their ground

The mortars sight the AA trucks and with a single shot wipe out the platoon

The mountain guns move into position and open fire on the Panzer platoon but are only able to bail the tanks

Turn 6
The original Panzer platoon recognizes that they can assault without defensive fire and take out the remainder of the mountain gun platoon

The half-tracks move up to begin taking out all troops not dug in

The MGs work incredibly well and combined with the Panzers firing at the other mountain guns 2 more platoons are knocked out. The reserve 8-Rads are knocked out by Panzer fire taking the mountain troops company below half strength

In the end the Panzers came out with a 5-2 win, Dean used a very unusual set up where he only deployed forces into one of the two deployment areas. I asked him about it after and he just misread where he could set up. The stream really slowed me down so it a lot of ways his set up didn't play against him like it could have. All in all it was a great game and I ended up winning for best army which is always awesome.

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  1. Looks great, you and Dean coming up in a few weeks for Nationals? He came last year IIRC...