Wednesday, August 10, 2016

USMC Reinforcements for Team Yankee!

Ready to take out some T72s!

Reinforcements for my Team Yankee USMC are now all decaled and varnished. I love how they turned out and the details in the custom decals that Stromtrooper Nick made are awesome. He is going to hopefully finish off his complete how to post shortly. Plus the hurlbat in flight rotors look amazing. Check them out here at hurlbat, don't forget to select the right scale and type of aircraft. The tanks will also allow me to play Fate of a Nation using them as "counts as". I will be working a tutorial on how to paint the aircraft in the coming weeks but for now enjoy the pictures.

A pair of Cobra gunships

Zoomed in you can make out the MARINES on the side much better

Harriers ready for the table top

Tail markings show that these leather necks think of themselves as playboys...

M60A3 tanks ready for action!

Spartan 66 himself

Long Horn 55

A platoon commander Autobot 11

Mandalore 12

Thundercat 13

Keep Calm and Chive On! 14

A platoon commander Stark 21

Jedi 22

Jolly Roger 23

Raider 24


  1. I like those rotor blades. And according to the interview on WWPD, FoaN will be moving over to the Team Yankee rule set.

  2. What did you use for harriers and what dimensions did you use for the rotors on the Cobras ? Thanks

  3. @RKelly - That sounds great, I think it will work better for FoaN.

    @Robert - The harriers are a 1:144 kit that has two models in one box. Not sure what the brand is, sorry. The rotors are from Hurlbat and the link is in the post above. If you want to get the diameter right I would just use the length of the rotors that come in the battlefront kits.

  4. Wonder if they make some for the larger helo's like my Mi-24s. Looking fantastic as always Drew

  5. @Matt - Thanks and they definitely to make them for the larger aircraft. I have some for my Chinooks and saw that the Hinds were an option on the list.