Saturday, November 19, 2016

King Tigers vs Canadian Infantry in Dust Up

Lines of sight confirmed

The other weekend I was able to go to Council Fires in Brantford. It was a mostly historical gaming convention with some fantasy games mixed in . As part of the convention there was a 1420 point LW Flames of War tournament. My first game was against Craig and his wonderfully painted Canadians.

Big Willie's King Tigers
OC in King Tiger
King Tiger
King Tiger
Full Grenadier platoon with fausts
2 x armoured mortars
2 x Pumas
3 x 2cm SP (AA) guns

Craig's Canucks
OC and 2IC
Full infantry platoon
Full infantry platoon
Breaching Sherman platoon
Breaching Sherman platoon
4 x 25 pdrs
2 x 3 Wasp platoons
2 x 17/25 pdrs

Set Up
Objectives are behind the woods top centre and middle of the frame on the road for the Germans and behind the building and alone in the fields bottom centre

Tiger ace skills are off the chart!

Grenadiers are ready to roll

Breaching group lays in wait supporting the infantry

Canadians dug in to protect the objective

17/25 pdrs and the other breaching group guard the other objective

Turn 1
Shermans pop smoke into the face of a King Tiger

Grenadiers move into an attack position

Turn 2
King Tigers move up attempting to hit the veteran Canadians, with no luck

The King Tigers manage to bail a Sherman by failing a fire power test

Shermans double around the flank attempting to get around the King Tiger flank guard

Turn 3
Shermans again smoke but the Grenadiers are ready and launch an assault...

...but lose two of their half tacks in the process and are pushed back

Turn 4
The flank guard catches the doubling Shermans and lights up two forcing the other to flee

Craig and Xander checking lines of site from the King Tigers to the newly arrived Rams

The Flank guard King Tiger now turns his attention to the reserves

German reserves arrive and start picking a part the Canadians

In the end the Canadians would slowly get picked apart by the Germans armour. I wasn't able to get to the objective and it was only through breaking the company that the Germans were able to take out the Colonials in a 4-3 win. Craig was an incredible opponent and war very patient with Xander's questions and having a hard time not touching either models or terrain.

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