Saturday, November 4, 2017

West German Infantry vs West German Panzers in Free for All

Luftwaffe Tornadoes take out a Leopard 1 guarding the objective

Game 1 of the Lords of War deescalation tournament was 100 points and I had a chance to plan against Matt. This was going to be the first game of Team Yankee with my newly almost finished painted West Germans. This army is the first one I've painted using an air brush and I really enjoyed it, I will have some tutorials coming.

Big Willie's West Germans
OC in Marder
Full Marder platoon
Full Marder platoon
3 x Leopard 2 platoon
2 x Luchs

OC in M113
Full M113 platoon
Full M113 platoon
3 x Leopard 1 platoon
3 x M109 platoon
2 x Luchs

4 x MLRS with mines
OP M113
2 x Rolands
4 x Tornadoes

Matt's West Germans
OC in Leopard 1
3 x Leopard 1s
3 x Leopard 2s
3 x Leopard 2s
4 x Gepards
Half Marder platoon
2 x Luchs

4 x MLRS

Set Up
Objectives are bottom centre, and far left for Matt West Germans and my West Germans have near right and top centre for objectives

Gepards guarding an objective

Leo2s centrally located

Luchs and Leo2s ready to advance under MLRS cover

On the far left flank Rolands guard the skies while Infantry dig in and the M109s prepare to launch their first bombardment

Leo2s take aim from inside the woods

On the far right flank more Infantry dig in on the hill thanks to spearheading Luchs

Turn 1
Marders open up on the Gepards knocking one out and bailing another

Milans open fire and knock out a Leo 2 while bailing another and forcing the platoon to flee!

Big Willie's Leo2s open fire from the woods and knock out another 2 Leo2s causing a second platoon to flee!

Leo1s return fire knocking out a Luchs and 2 Marders

Turn 2
Marders and Milans combine to knock out another 2 Gepards and bail the 3rd!

With the AA unable to stop them the Tornadoes swoop in and knock out a Leo1

Turn 3
Leo1 advance to try and close the gap while Marders burn around the hillside. 

Big Willie's Leo1s make short work of the Luchs

More jets take out the Leo1 OC while the Infantry mop up the final tanks and combined Arty fire take out the remaining MLRS. By the end of the turn the Half Marder platoon is the only thing left and they decide that discretion is the greater part of valour.

Some pretty big lessons learned in this game.

1. Luchs and Spearhead mean you can actually expand your deployment zone and position other platoons in a better area for deployment. Make sure you use your Recce!

2. Strike Aircraft come in on a 4+ not FoW 5+.

3. Infantry teams inside of transports get their 3+ save not a 5+ save.

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