Saturday, November 11, 2017

West German Infantry vs British Armour in Hasty Attack

West German Infantry dug in securing the objective

The final 50 point game for the Lords of War deescalation tournament was against Jay and his British Armour. This was the last game of the tournament and being infantry I was more than happy to secure the objectives and let Jay try and pull it out of my hands. This mission is a little different as it uses Ambush (defender), Immediate Reserves (attacker), and Scattered Reserves (defender). In addition, the attacker places 2 objectives and the defender places on in their own table half and then before the start of the game after all forces have been deployed the attacker removes one of the objectives they placed. I chose my Leo1s to go into ambush and hoped that my infantry and OCs backed with the MLRS would be enough to hold on until the reserves could arrive.

Big Willie's West Germans
OC in Marder
Full Marder platoon
Full Marder platoon
Luchs platoon

OC in M113
Full M113 platoon
Small M113 platoon
Luchs platoon
3 x Leo1s

OP M113
4 x MLRS with mines

Jay's British Armour
OC in Chieftain
3 x Chieftains
3 x Chieftains
4 x Swingfires
2 x Scorpions
2 x Abbotts

Set Up
British objectives are central bottom right behind the wall and left at the edge of the road and far right beside the swamp. The West German objective is central top between the woods and t-intersection

Chieftains and Swingfires ready to advance on the far left flank

West German Infantry dug in and ready to hold their objective

Marder infantry and MLRS hold the other two objectives

Turn 1-2
All the Brits advance on the far left turn one and knock out a Marder. The MLRS launch their mines on the Chieftans ensnaring them in certain doom.

 The Leo1s come out of ambush and dash towards the unguarded objective supported by the now mounted M113 infantry. The Brits attempt to adjust to this aggressive move but are either out of range or unable to hit the Leo1s and no reserves arrive to help them. The Leo1s start their turn within 4" and end their turn within giving the West Germans a 6-1 victory.

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