Saturday, June 16, 2018

Canadian Infantry vs US Tanks in Hasty Attack

Sherry Atkinson roars "Open Fire!" As Canadian AT guns shred US tanks crested on a nearby hill

Game 1 of the Lords of War de-escalation tournament was 90 points and I was against Denis and his beautifully painted and modelled American tanks. I had decided to bring my first Flames of War Army MW Canadians (using the rules in Armoured Fist) modelled after the 1st Company of The Royal Canadian Regiment (The RCR) who landed in Sicily, 75 years ago this July. If you haven't read the story about Op HUSKY and Sherry Atkinson, the AT platoon commander, check it out here. The tournament was using the battle plans system where both players select defender, manoeuvre or attack and depending on what each player selected you roll on a different chart to determine the mission you are going to play. I elected to defend with my infantry while Denis wanted to attack with his tanks. We rolled Hasty Attack and started setting up.

Big Willie's Royal Canadians
OC and 2IC
Full infantry platoon
Full infantry platoon
4 x 6 pdrs
4 x Vickers
3 x Universal Carriers with AT rifles
4 x 25 pdrs
3 x Churchills

Denis' American tanks
3 x Lee's with OC
2 x Lees
3 x Lees
5 x Stuarts
3 x T90s
3 x Armoured mortars
1 x Stuart FOO

Set Up
Objectives are central left and top left behind the wood and central right and top centre

Assault guns holding an objective with the Stuart FOO

Denis over loads his right flank ready to rush the Canadians immediately

Canadian Infantry dug in on one objective

25 pdrs guard the other objective

Dug in Vickers are ready to cover the advance of the infantry who are assembling in the woods

Turn 1
US tanks race over the hill only to be ambushed by wily Canadian AT gunners who knock out 2 Stuarts

The Canadians advance on their right flank supported by HMG fire, unfortunately the MGs have no real effect on the T90s

The 25 pdrs quickly range in and help bail some more tanks

Turn 2
The US drops smoke to stop the Canadian AT gunners from covering the RCR while the US tanks assault

The assault is unable to kill any infantry so the Canadians break contact after successfully passing their motivation. The situation caused a fair amount of discussion on how stands break off from an assault and if it is 6.1" and then stop or must move at least 6.1". In this case I was not able to have an orderly withdrawal of my forces into new fighting positions despite rolling a successful motivation.

The US tanks attempt a second assault on the infantry. This time the AT gunners can cover the RCR and knock out both tanks!

Sensing a stall in the assault the 25 pdrs hammer the US tanks and take out another Lee

Turn 3-4
US Stuarts attempt to launch another assault but are bailed out by AT gunners and 25 pdrs and then captured by the RCR in an uncontested assault

On the right flank of the RCR the infantry attempt to assault the T90s losing some of their number on the way in

The infantry are successful in pushing the T90s back but are unable to clear them off the objective

The game ended with us running out of time and both of us ended up with loser points 3-1. It was a brilliant game and a load of fun to play. Denis' army looks great with all sorts of details in the figures, which I always find to be the icing on the cake when playing a great opponent. 

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  1. Nice looking game, and its good to hear you enjoyed it (that's the important bit IMHO). BUT it is hard to look at the 'tank car park' (not your fault, its the way the rules work). Personally I think rules should specify a minimum distance as well as a maximum when describing command distances for vehicles. Its difficult compressed ground scales and can be relived a little by playing the rules with smaller scale vehicles, but that comes with its own issues.