Friday, June 28, 2019

Aquino Weekend 2019 at Ontario Regiment Museum

The USMC M60 "Gumpy" from the Gulf War

I had the opportunity to attend Aquino weekend 2019 at the Ontario Regiment in Oshawa. It was a fantastic time and I took a bunch of pictures for people to be able to reference. The coolest part about these tanks and the museum is the partnership they have with World of Tanks. A lot of the vehicles and sounds from the museum have made their way into World of Tanks on the PC. See if you can spot any of your favourite tanks in the pictures. Enjoy!

 A StuG III and Panzer III M

 Panzer III M

Panzer III M from behind 

M5 Stuart 

M4A3E8 - Sherman Easy 8 

251 half track joins the Panzer III and the StuG III 

Leopard I ARVE 

Remote controlled Panther Tank 

Remote controlled battlefield 

 Bunker and Panther duel

Fully decked out Jeep 

Fully decked out Jeep from behind 

White Scout Car 

Although this looks like a jeep it was a jeep on steroids. Not sure what it is actually called 

More Jeeps 


Quad .50 Cal AA gun 

late era 6 pounder AT gun limbered to a Universal carrier 

German equipment display complete with MG34, Panzerfaust and Panzersherk 

Kfz 251 Half track 

Panzer werfer 

Panzer werfer from behind

Kfz 251 with 3.7mm gun 

Kfz 251 with 3.7mm gun from behind

Marder III 

 Marder III from behind








Sheridan with cam net 


 M60 "Grumpy"
BMP 1 


SAS tricked out Land Rover 



Scimitar (I think) 






 M60 "Grumpy"

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